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  • ok i need help

    i'm opening a shop and i would like a retail. i had some one to do it but she backed out so i need to write a business plan for the retail. the retail space is 10 feet by 30 feet. i did the grooming and the daycare but i just can not do the retail i really need help. i have the layout plan. i just i'm blank.

    1. Description:

    A description of the retail store, what makes it different and unique.
    In addition discuss yourself from a knowledgable management
    perspective, what you bring to the table. Also how the retail section
    will be organized and mention any new concepts and products or
    services that will be offered.

    2. Retail Strategy:

    Discuss a strategy for how your retail store will become all of the
    things you've described above, how you plan to do what you say you will.

    3. Financials:

    Start-up Expenses - everything itemized with an expense attached that
    you need to open the retail store.

    Include all assets and liabilities here as well.

    4. Sales forcast - a month by month projection for one year of how much
    you intend to earn with a categorical breakdown of products sold. For
    example, food & treats, clothing, collars harnesses & leads, bedding,
    crates, accessories, toys...etc. These are all separate sources for
    retail to earn income and combined they will equal a monthly total.

    5. Profit and Loss Projection:

    This is where your expenses including rent and personel.. etc. On a
    monthly basis meet your income or revenue.

    all the help would be a great help thank you all