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    I've seen advertising online for business loans for people with bad or poor credit. Mine actually is not as bad as I thought, but still not high enough to get a traditional loan. But these kinds of ads make me leary and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience getting something like this, if it's even worth me looking into, if they are just scams of some kind etc. Although my friend said I can pay as much as I can as I go for the mobile I know if I could just give him the full amount he could have the thing done much faster. But not going through a traditional bank makes me nervous but I'm not sure if I should be.
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    "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    I'd be real leary of those places if I was you. Usually you'll find the interest rates are super high on the loans from them.


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      I don't have any experience with them but I'd stay away. There's a reason people call them loan sharks.


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        Usually very high interest rates

        These types of loans always present a problem they will either kill you with interest or it won't be from the most reputable bank and there could be issues.

        I avoid those offers at all costs.