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    Well, Christmas has been a rather depressing event. We made it Christmas Eve in time for dinner. My aunt and uncle, grandparents and older brother were all at the parents house. We had a nice dinner and opened presents, but it was a somber affair because we all knew something was missing- Dad. He is now bedridden and barely gets up. At least at Thanksgiving when we were here, he was able to get up and have meals with us. Now my mom takes his meals in on a tray, and he has to have a straw to drink. The cancer meds are interfering with his Parkinson's meds, so he has lost some of his fine motor skills. I was able to go in and wish him a Merry Christmas, but the words seemed so hollow. I vacuumed the kitchen for Mom yesterday, and today we will do the upstairs. Tomorrow we will go clean my grand parents house, and then Monday we will do Mom's bathrooms and dusting. I have been trying to keep up with the kitchen cleaning after the boys- brother and hubby- but hubby is going to have to start helping me. I physically needed this vacation.
    I am going to spend some time with my aunt this afternoon and tomorrow during the evening. We will work in the grandparents Tuesday and Wednesday. It is still rather surreal.

    On the upside- I am feeling better. The last round of bloodwork showed I was iron and B-12 deficient. The doc gave me a shot on Tuesday and for the first time in months I don't feel sluggish in the mornings. I have to do a stool sample still to determine if i have internal bleeding from the H. Pylori, but it will have to wait until I get home. I have to have B-12 shots every week for 3 weeks, then every month for 6 months. I am all for getting better!
    I hope everyone had a decent holiday and remembered to tell their loved ones how special they are. You never know when you will lose them.

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    I am with your spirit

    nothing takes the place of a loved one at the holidays- or any day for that matter. It has been one tough season at my house too.
    Important to take care of yourself for your own family and that they support you -
    hope you get well dear.


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      both of you have been through alot, no words will help. I am sorry you and yours are going through this. wishing both of you strenght and health.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~