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TX: Humble, Spring, Conroe, surrounding areas???

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  • TX: Humble, Spring, Conroe, surrounding areas???

    Can anyone tell me about the grooming in these areas? Mostly shave downs or hand scissored? Pampered pets or every 8 week grooms? Prices low or high? Anything? Thinking of moving to that part of TX but I don't want to go from $xx Shih Tzu's to $xx (lower) if you know what I mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Let me think Humble, Spring, Conroe and the Woodlands (inbetween Conroe and Spring) there is such a price difference between these little town its not really funny and a cliente difference. Also depends on which side of the freeway you are on. Best bet is to call around once you get here.
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      I'm familiar with the areas you named. There is lots of


      But I hear there's a number of mobiles too, don't know how many shops. Lot's of people with nice dogs and compact area. It's a nice area.
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        my cousin lives in Humble...she inquired with a mobile at her neighbors house. the groomer told her it was $xx a month and had to be done every month or else she can't accept her as a client........I thought wow...that groomer has her act together ! (and it wasn't cheap)