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  • Hope everyone is having..

    a much better Christmas then me! It is not that bad.. But, we lost power at 2 am, and then we lost water. Still not fixed, probably won't get fixed until tomorrow hopefully. Luckily my sister not too far from us has power. So, we had gotten all of our animals together and took them over to her house. So, we are celebrating at my sisters house with 4 medium/large dogs, 2 degu's and 1 parrot. Dog's are not used to it yet, but we must stay the night here. Lets hope we get power tomorrow! OHOH! On top of everything a tree falls partially on our house! No major damage to the house, but not sure about our deck yet. This is not a small tree either.. Soo thankfully it did not break windows/glass. Hope everyone has a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!

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    LOL im right there with you. I have no hot water, and of course its my lovley BF's day off so of course I should not expect him to have to look at it today. My son was going to come take a look last night, but wind blew trees down on the road to his house and he was waiting for the county to come clear the road. It is the only way out for him, so he was stuck there till this morning. I cant cook, clean, or anything! I think im going to the shop to take a shower! (I keep kidding around about wanting that warm water massage the doggies get with the recirc lol) Would love to go out to eat, but without a shower im not going anywhere. TV dinners it is I guess!


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      sorry you had this happen, glad that someone would take you and the dogs!we'll just have to believe no more problems. Merry Christmas.
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        At least it is a Christmas you will always remember. Make the best of your Christmas adventure. Glad you had somewhere to go.
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          Eh, it was okay..the girls managed to get just about everything on their list and I have to admit that my girls got me some of the best presents EVER! Kaeleigh, my oldest, got me my favorite perfume, Hannah got me some replacement Chromini blades and a new mat king. They got me a few other things also but those were my favorite gifts this year
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