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  • Awesome Christmas Bonus

    I groomed one of my regular min poodles last week, gave the dog to the owner and took my check with just a brief look. I saw the normal $XX that I charge and thought to myself, well another one who doesn't think to give a little extra at this time of year, and drove off.

    Well I looked at the check the next morning as money has been so tight that I needed to make a mid-week deposit. Low and behold there was a 1 in front of the $XX! Of course I called her that evening to thank her, letting her know I didn't see the full amount until that morning and let her know how much I appreciated the gift. Her dog is prone to seizures and she said she really appreciated me and how I took such good care of her dog.

    Not sure was better, the money or the appreciation. But you can bet the money is going in the bank! LOL.

    God bless the customers that really appreciate the work we do and know how to show it.

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    Isn't that fun????

    I had THREE give me THE triple digit tip this week. 2 of them...I KNOW it's for putting up w/ THEM, as their dogs are perfect angels, and the third, was for putting up w/ his wife, lol...he told me as much! I must admit...I deserved every penny of those, lol!

    Put it to good use!
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      That is awesome, congrats!

      I closed yesterday but decided to come in for one dog in the am, last minute. Got a nice 30.00 tip. Another client gave me a custom embroidered tote with my business name on it above a groomer with a brush and dog on a grooming table, so neat.

      We used to have a client that would not tip all year. For the X-Mas appt, they would tip in triple digits - they saved up all their tips through the year. Best idea ever.


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        This is one of the reasons why I am glad I now work with pets instead of working with children. Some how pet parents are more appreciative than the kid parents which I don't understand why. I worked with kids so many years and I felt very little appreciation from the parents to the child care providers. We worked so hard taking care of their little ones but we hardly got much thanks, let alone presents for holidays. I never knew that clients would give a gift and extra tips for their groomers.


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          I got a couple really nice monetary tips this year, but overall holiday tipping was nil. I think the best I got was $60.00 and mind you I'm not complaining about it. It also just happened to be from a client who never tips either and this was their first year holiday tipping!!
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            That is really nice Juli. I'm so glad for you. Your customer really appreciates all the special care you give her baby.