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  • Oh cwap!

    Yes, cwap, because when my daughter was little and had heard me say ****, as I was trying to censor myself around her, she started saying "cwap". LOL
    I completely forgot about fitting in my OWN freakin' dogs for grooming before the holiday! WTH am I going to do? I'll have people over tomorrow and 4 shaggy and doggy smellin' dogs in the house. I've got the kids all day and then we have the church pageant tonight, I have a TON of wrapping still left to do, have a few things to pick up at the grocery store, etc. With all the goings on for the holidays I completely forgot my own dogs need to be at least clean for tomorrow. Aargh, I'm not gonna sleep tonight am I? I can see it now, 3am and still in the van washing my own dogs. Plus the house is still a wreck. I had cleaned it and then let my daughter paint and made a triple batch of fudge in the kitchen. Somehow, she got paint on the table, floor, walls, chairs, centerpiece, storage cabinet, wipe warmer etc. I made her clean the table and floor, but still have lots of paint to clean up. Thought she'd have fun painting her own ornaments. She's 6 1/2 so it's not like she's 2 and having a grand ol' paint flingin' time. Gotta vaccuum, mop, dishes, pick up toys, clean the bathroom and then the hosue should be fine. I swept and mopped yesterday but with 4 dogs and 2 kids you can't tell.
    It's family and I know the house doesn't need to be spotless, but with it being so small, the fit everyone in it needs to have everything picked up and put away. And why is it a child can leave a toy on the floor for days and not want to play with it UNTIL you put it away?
    One thing at a time, one thing at a time. I can probably get away with just spraying my Pug with some doggy cologne LOL.
    Santa's elves, please come clean my house and groom my dogs!
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    I'm actually cleaning my house too.

    I have decided the office needs to move off the kitchen counters and back into the office/spare room. I just know I will have trouble finding something later I put away somewhere. LOL Hope I don't miss a bill. I put my car registration papers in a prominent place. I really would come over and help clean for you, but I live too far away. I have to get all ready by 5 to go to friends for this evening. My tummy is still not normal. I know better than to drink egg nog! I had to have some before bed last night. Too much Metamucil actually, I don't need it every day.

    Please don't bathe your dogs will make Santa off Schedule if you are still up at 1-3AM. He can't come to your house until you are fast asleep. Just spray those doggies with cologne. With all the smells of Christmas turkey etc, who would notice?

    Pleeeeease have a wonderful Eve and tomorrow! You so deserve it!


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      Why not ask baddog......she like getting those calls. She was just bragging about yesterday's call:

      "Hi , I am interested in your grooming services and wondered if I could get an appointment before Xmas"........................
      H-E-LL-OOOOOOOO it is 5:30 pm Dec she was funny ! Delete !

      LOL and Merry Christmas
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        That's the thing about Christmas. You can practically kill yourself with all the celebrating you have to do. After you groom the twenty gazillion dogs, you gotta buy and decorate the tree, go to toysrus, go food shopping, hang the lights, clean the house, wash your own dogs, wrap the presents, start cooking, take a shower, yell at the husband a few times, let the dogs out, take out the trash, do the dishes, throw in a laundry, start drinking heavily (like I am now, vodka and pineapple FYI ) and collapse on your bed with all the fun you've been having. I'm exhausted and I'm jewish. lol Lighting a candle on the menorah is all i can muster this time of year.


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          Its a really good thing we're going to our families' in another state, because there's no way I could let anyone in our house. Its a regular disaster area that's probably going to take my whole week off to clean. My dogs are a disaster too, except for Picasso, because he just got a bath. Oh the holiday joy.
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            Oh CWAP?

            You sound like my husband when he somewhat cleans up his colorful vocabulary by speaking in Roman Moroni-ese (those who have seen the Michael Keaton movie "Johnny Dangerously" know who I'm talking about)

            phrases like "farging icehole" "sneaky bastage"...

            Or maybe you're doing Elmer Fudd "Be vewwry vewwry careful, we're hunting wabbit! You might step in wabbit cwap! Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh!"
            "With God's help, all things are possible!"
            Laura Lee Ray
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              That's why I never work xmas eve. Well, that, and I don't want to end up completely dead to the world for xmas, like everyone else seems to be.
              All 4 of ours got done today.


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                For what it's worth my dogs smell too, my bird cages are dirty and my house looks like a cyclone blew through it. However I don't have anyone coming over so there is no stress

                I might get around to doing something productive today however it is cold, raining, it's Christmas and I am TIRED. I am thinking things are going to stay dirty till tomorrow. Hell, I might not even shower today just so I fit in my

                Mewwy Cwissmas Miss Mylady Potty favorite "cleaned up" curse is Mother Hubbard!!!!! :-)
                SheilaB from SC


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                  I take a 1/2 day on Christmas eve, and that left time for my dogs, Mylady. Now you'll know for next year.

                  On a side note, you say "****" just like Spike does. He says "Cwap," too. When I feed him his Innova Evo, he looks at me like, "Do I HAVE to eat this cwap?" LOL

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    I used to work with a guy who's last name was Tucker. His mom also worked with us and her last name was Tucker. Mrs. Tucker griped about everyone and everything. Boss Man called her, "Mother Tucker". LOL!
                    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
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                      Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                      I used to work with a guy who's last name was Tucker. His mom also worked with us and her last name was Tucker. Mrs. Tucker griped about everyone and everything. Boss Man called her, "Mother Tucker". LOL!
                      They did a story about a new sports bar in town with a WWI aviation theme.

                      Their specialty is a pizza called "The Mother Fokker"

                      Their kid's menu is "For Little Fokkers"

                      Anthony Fokker was a Dutch aircraft designer.
                      "With God's help, all things are possible!"
                      Laura Lee Ray
                      I am kats_melody on eGroomer. Follow my Twitter tweets - @ZOOMGROOM on