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  • A warning!!!

    Never, Never, Never leave your cowboy magic detangler right next to your bottle of shampoo of the same size and color especially when doing a poodle.

    Oh **** made a big messy, slimey, tacky blob I started scrubbing into Pearl the mini poodle's neck and back.

    Shampooed three times with results rinse three times and couldn't get the tacky out.

    Thank goodness it was just a free Christmas bath so I am not as embarassed and I am clipping her down short in three weeks before they go back to Texas.

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    oooooh noooo


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      I love Cowboy Magic -- especially on MY hair! Sorry about the goopy mess.


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        the owner could have cared less she was like I don't know what your are talking about she is soft and fluffier than ever (LOL) said I was just being my own worst critic and loves the way I make her look.

        To me the hair on the back of the neck and back as so...... tacky I couldn't even fluff it with the comb the fur just wanted to hug the back.

        Oh well I am grateful for forgiving and understanding people like her.

        I usually just use a itsy bitsy dab on Pearl's ears, tail and behind the ears.
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