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  • Successful

    Holiday season this year! Received many cards from clients, received tips, gifts, hugs and doggie kisses! I love my job!!

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    I haven't really done many dogs yet. But someone did find me on google this week and called me! I was ecstatic.

    But then I did have to tell them that no, I don't board dogs.

    But hey, I was found on google. I'll take what I can get.


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      We're reached the point this year to where hubby doesn't have to subsidize the business with his retirement check. Hopefully next year will be better so he can spend some money on what HE wants, like some new amateur radio equipment.
      "With God's help, all things are possible!"
      Laura Lee Ray
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        I was overwhelmed by the amount of presents and tips I got! This was only my 2nd full Christmas owning my shop. Last year I got some nice presents and tips, but nothing like this year. The year before I was not officially open and advertising, but some old clients and dog trainers and friends came in so I still made money. I was open for them just the week of Christmas.

        Next week is booked too. I'm finally making the money to pay off the debt I went into the last two years making this place become what I wanted. Someday I will break even, darn it.

        I'm hoping for a baby in the next year or two, and I'd really like to be able to afford it!

        Here's to hoping we all have a busy 2010! *raises glass of whatever you want* Cheers!


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          Isn't that just the most wonderful feeling! May 2010 bring you even more success, happiness and joy in what you do.