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Anyone wanna groom Joe Namath's dogs?

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  • Anyone wanna groom Joe Namath's dogs?
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    If it had been Joe Six Pack instead of Joe Namath, this lawsuit would have never been filed. But because the dog's owner is famous and rich, the guy from United Package Smashers sees a big payday.

    That's the real story here.
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      I'll pass thanks. Apparently the delivery guy hasn't been the only one bit. The dogs had been involved in 4 attacks over the past two years.

      One of those dogs has been declared dangerous and may no longer be in the YARD without a leash and muzzle and must be crated when people come over. He can no longer take the dog to public places.

      After the bad dog day I had today, no way would I want these. I'm not feeling over generous and chance takey today. I'm a little suprised his homeowner's insurance hasn't demanded measures before now.


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        Actually we did!!!

        He brought in 3 dogs to the place I work at a few years ago. I didn't groom them but I did check them out and helped take them to the car for him. They were fine with us. I don't recall the other groomers who did them having any issues. I wonder which dog it was. He had just dropped off his dogs when I came into work that morning so we passed by in the lobby and he petted my collie, Cody! I didn't even know who he was at the time. Just some old guy to me. LOL


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          I wanted to post this:

          It gives more info and I was miffed to see most of the people who commented on the first article (on that website, not here) assumed the dogs were pit bulls.