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"Twas the night before Christmas (eve)...

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  • "Twas the night before Christmas (eve)...

    And all through the salon....

    The groomer has an upper respiratory infection..
    the bather has bronchitis (sp?) and a URI
    the kennel tech has a cold
    the security agent (my giant schnauzer) stuck a stick in his foot between his toes

    and we have 32 dogs scheduled for baths and/or grooms today.

    Lucky for us we have been fighting this for a few days and are all feeling a tad bit better AND we are closed for the next 4 days although we have 46 dogs boarding with us for Christmas. We are still very greatful for the business but will be sooooo happy when we slow down a little - if not just for a few days!!!!

    My hubby and I were laughing last night that we all HAD to get sick at the same but we are all still in the Christmas season!!!!!(could be the codine-cough syrup, but oh well!!!)

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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    Oh you poor thing(s)!!! Rest up when you can and have a Happy Holiday!


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      I also wanted to say...I was poking around your website yesterday, and LOVE your kennel set-up.
      It SO defies the "mega-kennels" that have become the way around here, housing 150 to 300 pets and nickel and diming clients for everything from medication administration to a breath of fresh air for the dogs. All the while promising "individual attention" for the "guests"...with a staff of 10. That's not possible in the manner in which the owners interpret.

      I'm anxiously awaiting the demise of corporate pet care around here, and as the 325 dog facility up the road just filed bankruptcy...remain optimistic that things might return to more intimate, personal and observant level of care like your clients must experience.

      Merry Christmas, and don't work tooooo hard!
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        thanks! That means a lot to me and my hubby! We have a vet on staff, we have personal service (can house up to 50 dogs comfortably) and are able to pick and choose clients. I am working with a Easter Seal Employment training center where I have individuals with learning disabilities that really have little chance of employment working for me. Their jobs are cleaning and playing with dogs. THey love it and so do the pets!

        Our goal is to make our clients happy and their pets happier. I love my job and feel so blessed that people trust me with thier pets!!!

        Merry Christmas and God Bless!