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How to pick good shears?

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  • How to pick good shears?

    So, I've been told by my fiance that my Christmas present this year is new shears but he, being the smart guy he is, wants me to pick them out. Now, I've read all the threads about people's favorite brands and I do understand that quality definitely comes at a price. But the question I have is how do I know the shears I'm picking are good quality and actually work for me? I'm probably going to wait until the next expo that comes around so that I can pick them up and get a feel for what I'm looking for...but what AM I looking for? I'm still a fairly new groomer and I'm using the same shears I trained with (Heritage). What should a good set of shears feel like? look like? Even sound like? I mean...any decent pair of scissors are going to do a better job then what I'm currently using..but how do you really choose one set of shears from another? I need someone to walk me through this one! >_< I do also understand that in order to -truly- be informed I'm going to need to actually -work- with different brands, etc. but if I'm going to be potentially spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on tools, I want to be informed!

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    STOP Stressing! DO NOT order anything yet! LOL CAll Jerry Been at Oklahoma Shear. She will do a shear fitting consult (It's not that much money either, I think $20 but don't quote me) and can do it with a fax of your hand. SHe wil tell you what shears will fit your hand and your budget. You will NEVER regret it. I was so surprised that shears I thought fit well did NOT fit at all. Now that I know what works and fits best my scissoring is 1000% better! PLUS you won't be wasting money on sheas that do not work for you.
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      Everyone is different, I go back and forth between my Geib Croc Curved Shears 7 1/2" and a pair I bought years ago from my old scissor guy, they dont have a brand on them. I almost always used curved for just about everything. I like the lighter shears also, but it was trial and error to find ones I liked. Most of the companies will let you try the shears and send them back if you dont like them