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opps! Wrong House!

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  • opps! Wrong House!

    I did it today! I pulled a "you know what!" I pull up to the house where I'm thinking these people live. Knocking on the door, no answer. The door is open, so I peek in, I'm calling...
    hmmmm no dog. Then I see the bulletin board with a strange name on it. Then it dawns on me.. wrong house!!! OMG I jumped in my van and drove away as fast as I could. I was hoping the police weren't coming to arrest me! lol

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    Lmao don't ya hate when then happens..I'm glad I am not mobile


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      I pulled up to the wrong house 2 times in the last couple of months. Thank god no one was home at the one, though I was initially PO'ed till I realized what I'd done. But it ended up being the son of the place I SHOULD have been, same breed of dog and last name. Too funny. I do THAT dog at the wife's mom's house with HER dog. Took awhile for the son's dad to explain the connections properly.
      The other, I set up the gene and everything and walked up the drive and thought...the front lawn looks funny...WAIT! There's no 3 car garage! Dummy pulled up to a house a few doors over. Those darn McMansions all look the same anymore.


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        Originally posted by pooh13 View Post
        Lmao don't ya hate when then happens..I'm glad I am not mobile
        In that case, what a disturbing comment POOH lol


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          I've done that a couple time feel like you just fell in public and hope no one saw you..My worst move was ALMOST putting the dogs back in the wrong house. They were identical except... there was a cat sitting in the doorway when I opened it..Ha


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            I did that last week. Of course it was an 8am appointment. I knocked on the door, rang the bell, and finally the lady comes to the door in her robe. She looked very confused but no more than I, because she WAS one of my customers. Just not the right customer. He was across the street. But because I have like 12 clients in this particular neighborhood, it took me a moment to process just what was wrong with this picture.

            The funniest part was after I figured out I was at the wrong house (and after she realized she hadn't missed an appointment) she asked,"Do you have time to groom the girls today?"

            HA! She has three doodles...surrrrre, I'll get right on that....
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              I know what you mean. I've done it, but at apartments in NYC when I get off on the wrong floor and just head for the apartment #. Fortunately, no one was home on the numerous times I goofed.