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    So all the clients have been booked and groomed, I sent out a post card to every client reminding them I will be gone, and I am about ready to take off for my Christmas vacation! YA! christmas in LA to be exact! sure beats the zero degree temps we've been having here.

    Anway, I wanted to leave a cute Christmas/Pet related message on my answering machine for all the new clients I'm sure will call Christmas eve wanting their dogs to look good for the family that comes home on Christmas day :P (too bad so sad!) Any suggestions?
    I actually had 3 new clients yesterday for just that reason, and 2 more today! they better come back. My salon opened this summer so I'm glad for the new clients, business has been slower than I'd like. Happy Holidays everyone!

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    huh doesn't anyone do any sort of Holiday related message on their machine? I guess I kinda came up with "This is so and so, were away grooming Santa's reindeer and will be back in the salon on so so date. Happy Holidays!" I think I'll go with that...


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      That sounds cute!

      Your idea sounds cute - maybe we are all too tired right now. I'm thinking, "Hello! We are all away recuperating from our insane Christmas grooming! See ya next year!!" but of course that's just my idea of being funny, not what I would really say.


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        My hands hurt too much to press the "record" button to make a new message.

        I like your idea! It's cute!