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    I was checking online to check my online listings when I found what I thought to be My salon,My salon name with another groomers address and phone number?I was curious to see who listed under my salon name, so I called the number and lo and behold it was another groomer in the area.Of course they knew nothing about this listing.First my banner walks away and now a false listing?I think this looks a tat like someone fears a bit of competition if you ask me.

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    One of the things you should do on at least a monthly basis is Google your business name, along with checking all of the other search engines. Hubby spent last night making corrections in several listings which had the wrong phone number and/or the wrong address. The address wasn't a big deal as we are mobile, but the number was one the phone company assigned to our new location when we moved. It's a dead number.

    He sent in the corrections and he is getting confirmations from the search engine companies that the changes were made.

    If your business name isn't registered with the state and your logo isn't registered as a service mark, it is really easy to "boost" your intellectual property. The person who supposedly boosted it can claim ignorance, or worse he/she can register it and then YOU can't use it.
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      My salon is registered through the state,so is the salon the address and phone number which had my salon name advertised with.both of us have commercial buildings not in home grooming.well I went back to my google listing today to see if they had been changed.. yep I definitely have to say someone feels I'm a threat to there business.this time on my correct listing they changed my address to a place in the middle of a national forest.nothing but forest for miles on a dead end road.Tg they can't change my web page which has the correct info.. but geeesh this is rediculous.
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