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  • Top 10 things I've learned from

    I was driving to my last appt today, thinking about the task ahead of me. It's a monthly
    B & B on a Keeshond. He used to take me 3 hrs, but I have gotton it down to 2 hrs, I was thinking thank goodness I have learned so much from to make the job easier. Was wondering what everybody else has learned?
    Here's my list:

    1. Forget trying to brush out a dirty dog
    2. Wet shaving ( the best thing since white bread,,,lol)
    3. Using a undercoat rake in the tub on a wet , soapy dog.
    4. No more pre- bath stuff, every body goes in the tub, 1st thing
    5. Detangler, (2nd best thing since white bread)
    6. After a bad day, a Mikie's thing always helps.
    7. How to make feet on a matted, 7 all over Shih Tuz look 1/2 way decent.
    8. That I'm not the only groomer who gets stuck shaving down nasty matted Shih Tzu's,,,lol
    9. That Yorkie hair is easier to cut/clipper when dirty.
    10. Sometimes, 2 Mikie's things are better than just one!
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    Mmmm NICE

    Okay, I'm in a rush, but I want to try this one as well!

    1) Mike can be your best friend (just agreeing with you Roo).
    2) Groomers are not all snotty they're-my-secrets kind of people.
    3) Put a Groomers Helper on my list for next year (yup, it's official, I'm buying one of these)
    4) Bathe first! (One of the first and best things I've brought to my grooming)
    5) How to make cute little ties (still practicing).
    6) I will never achieve the finished look I want until my boss allows enough time in my schedule for BLOW DRYING! (see number 7)
    7) My boss knows little about grooming, it's not just me. (I will own my own business one day)
    8) My new thinners will be bought based on what I've learned here... after I try them out of course.
    9) When I've had a bad day, there's always someone on here who has either had a worse day, or who has posted something that is certain to make me laugh/smile.
    10) This time of year, grin and bear it, then drink a Long Island Ice Tea, Margarita, or whatever else tickles your fancy!


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      OMG That is soo awesome that you thought of We all have learned from this site.

      One thing I have learned is how to Play Well with Others.
      And the other is that if I have a question about anything, I can come here and get honest replies. These members are the BEST!


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        wel i can't do th list, tech challegend, groomers are awsome,they will help when needed,they are funny, sometimes sad, scared,lost and alone, but they will always be there for one of their own.share tips on everything,from grooming to how to survive, or just bake a pie. i am proud to be one .
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          What I've Learned

          The biggest thing I learned here is that not all groomers are petty and mean. That there is a group of groomers that are here to help you learn and expand your knowledge and make your day better.
          "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
          and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck