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sibes can sit,down!

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  • sibes can sit,down!

    it's true, i saw it with my own bleary eyes!! he sat, downed and sorta stayed, even when 4 9 wk pups came in, ok, he down craweled till he got to them, but he did sorta mind,he also holwed the howl of death when crated for 10 minutes. he went to sniff my 7 mth pup, ended up on my pups back, still sniffing and i had no camera!my pup is sniffing his privares,he's on my pups back sniffing butt,all we could do is laugh.
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    no sit/down. stalllllllllllkingggggggg.

    Wanna heart attack? Try outa-sight "stays" w/ a Sibe at a show...sitting next to a Pom.
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