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  • OK I'm bored

    My looney friends Margery Good and France Bergeron came by this afternoon so we could compare puppies and try to figure out who goes where.
    We have a waiting list for pet and show homes and it is complicated trying to fit what needs to go where. France drove down from Canada last night for this and its been planned for some time. Marge had no dog shows as well. Perfect time to get together right? Took them an hour to get here from the kennel which normally takes about 25 minutes. This after I call and tell them the roads here are really bad. State of emergency was declared while they were here. Crazy ladies!
    Anyway, what I really want to share is a website I came across after reading an article France brought me that was written by Catherine McMillan of Minuteman Miniature Schnauzers about the most important health issues in the MS today. After reading this I became interested in finding other things she has published. I went to her website and started reading , wow is all I can say. Read about Designer Genes , Beauty vs Health 1&2,read The Right to Breed and she has a great article on White Schnauzers and where they came from..this in particular interested me because while I have not commented on the "What breed is this" thread about that funny looking little dog that the owner thinks is a purebred MS I have had a hard time not thinking about how that owner is so misinformed. While its a cute little dog it is not a MS.
    So, if you are interested there is some great info on genectics and breeding purebred dogs.
    I can barely post a photo, so copy and paste,is beyond me, I'm still working on it, but, I'm sure you more computor literate won't have any trouble finding it.
    OK, what am I gonna do now?

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    Is this the site?


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      play with the puppies!
      or if you want online fun, go look at yummy Japanese grooming sites.
      Did you get everybody sorted out? There are few better evenings to be had than sitting around with friends who know their stuff and evaluating litters.


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        So when does my lil white, shaggy-tummy/legged, dust-bunny-collecting puppy arrive?

        (For those that don't know...I am JUST KIDDING! )
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          Catherine McMillan of Minuteman Miniature Schnauzers...I love her blog....Small Dead Animals...


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            I have heard the theory about white schnauzers coming from westies. It is possible what crossbreeding like that happened many generations ago and now a "new" color is starting to come outmore often. But How does it make a white shnauzer less of a schnauzer if they were bred from nice schnauzers with regular colors?
            I know couple people in Germany who show their white schnauzers in conformation shows. I am not sure if they are FCI or separate breed club shows. Those dogs come from German lines, not from American BYB.
            Have you seen this experiment in breeding naturally bob tailed boxer?


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              very infomative,explains what i was thinking.
              ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~