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I need a Christmas Miracle!

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  • I need a Christmas Miracle!

    As some of you may know I recently started my own business and well... things could be better. The DH and I are strapped for cash and business is slow. I need some encouragement my friends! Any suggestions?
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    it will get better, i started in jan! 10 years ago, no panicking allowed,do your best grooms, customer service and you will wow them.
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      I celerated my first year in Sept. Those first few months were a killer. It slowly grew day by day. I remember the first few months I was happy if I had 10 dogs in a week. I still have a long way to go but things are so much better now. I have been going over my books and was shocked to see the difference a year makes. I made more than $4,000 additional income in Sept 2009 than I did in Sept 2008. It is hard to not panic but try to stick it out. I can almost fill up 3 days a week now with my clients. LOL!! It's a shame I work five but hey it's all about the baby steps. I'm hopeful that by next year I'll be booked mostly full every day.

      Be patient and do the very best groom you can for a fair price and your business will build. I'm not saying be cheap. I'm saying just be the best bang for the buck in town. Give the clients an exceptional groom for a mid-range price, with exceptional customer service. It's working for me. Good Luck!!


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        if you keep records which most of us do ,go through the list of all dogs you have groomed that you have not seen within the last 4 weeks,Call each one of them and offer them a special rate for the holidays,even if its 10 dogs on that list. something is better than nothing


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          I think people will panic Monday morning and all our phones will ring off the hook. Just be ready and groom your tush off. Good luck.


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            seek help from the dreaded competition

            this time of year many salons are swamped. give some in your area a call, they may not mind sending you their overflow. Ive had to turn people away the last two days.
            I work alone so when my day is full, its full. I'm pretty friendly with many of the groomers in the area, we alert each other when not-so-fun dogs and clients are on the way. my first year in business, another groomer was out of comission, and asked me if I would fill in for her christmas clients. that saved us. I have retained several of those clients. good luck.


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              Hang in there, it DOES get better!

              I started in February two years ago with hardly any backup cash. I left my job and hubby only gets his disability, so I totally understand being "strapped". It was scary and nerve racking to say the least, but your dreams are worth giving it time to get off the ground. Some times you just have to cut back and hang on!

              Make sure you take advantage of all the online listing sites that are free (, google, facebook, myspace, etc) It took me over a year to get my yellow page listing, so I relied on these sites for advertising for the most part, well, besides word of mouth referrals (which I got a ton of).

              Here's to hoping your business picks up and 2010 is prosperous.


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                You could try running 10 or 20% off for the rest of the month.. Just gotta advertise for it real good. People love saving money these days.


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                  Thank you all for the encouragement and support! I am holding on as best as I can. I am also offering 20% off for the rest of the month and 10 for January and February. I hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday.
                  My Blog: <a href="">In the Dogs' House Groomwise Blog</a>