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Web Design on a dime suggestions??

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  • Web Design on a dime suggestions??

    OK...I'm getting into the Mobile business in the summer and I'm getting my 'dogs' in a row.

    I locked down my 1-888 #. I locked down my web domain name. Now does anyone have any idea on where I can get some cheap, but decent web design work, or any sights that can walk me through it and I'll design it myself, using their templates? I can use some stock photos and some of my own for now, then replace them with some 'before and after' shots, once I'm schooling and working in the field. I already have links to other sights ready to post on my sight to help spread the word and even generate income.
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    I don't even start school until May, but being out here (Kuwait) I'm wanting to have this ball rolling well before I get home. I can have it all set up and put a big "COMING SOON" sign as a disclaimer...or maybe Grand Opening, July 2010. Something like that.
    Any ideas?


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    Well I designed my own website in dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is an exspensive program but it is worth its weight in gold. If you went though godaddy for your domain name you can get free hosting and they have a website builder that is decent. Dreamweaver would cost you about 200 bucks but you would be able to create one hell of a website and could still get free hosting through godaddy if you registered your name there. Not to mention you will always be using it to update or change your site. The cheaper programs that I have seen for website are really cheesy and you can't do much with them. With dreamweaver you could still download a template for it and change it anyway you see fit. there is a free FTP program for uploading your files to the server which I use and love it is called Filezilla it is free. I suggest you buy dreamweaver and download filezilla cause you will end up with a truly professional website about as cheap as you can get it. Although you cold look at some of the free website builders but be for warned you may end up getting aggrevated and have to start all over anyways. Most of the free website builders won't let you edit the html at all which is a real bummer if you want to add some really cool stuff to your site. I belive godaddy's does let you edit the html a little bit but it is still limited in what you can do. You can check out my site I built with dreamweaver. I found it very easy to use and really would never part with my dreamweaver even though I bocked at the price of the program at first. They do have a free 30 or 60 day trail for it so you could download it and see what you think before you purchase it. Here is a link to my site. I hosted it for free with godaddy and built it with dreamweave. So for everything my site ended up costing me $210 that is including registering my domain. When I get more money I will most likely pay for hosting to get rid of the advertisment at the top but for now it doesn't bother me.

    Good Luck maybe someone else has a cheaper alternative but the advatages to using dreamweaver is worth every bit of the 200 to me.


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      I just had another thought. You could download the free trail of dreamweaver and build your website the way you basicly want it. Download the free FTP Filezilla and upload it to the server. Then when you want to edit something later on after you trail is over you could just download the clean html from your site and use a free basic html editor. Never actually buying dreamweaver. I would not recommend this unless you are pretty good with html but, dreamweaver does give a nice clean version of the html code as oppose to some of the cheaper website programs. I hope this all makes sense. Just a thought. Or maybe you have a friend that already has dreamweaver and they could help you build your site.

      Whatever you do don't go buy one of those cheap $30 website programs because you will most likely end up very disappointed in it. I had a friend that recently bought several of those from the local office store before she broke down and just got dreamweaver. None of them would let her edit the html so she couldn't put any of the cool widgets that she wanted to use on her site and I believe a couple of them wouldn't let you edit much at all they were just a bunch of templates that could only be edited in that program.


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        You could have gotten a dot com domain and designed your website for 10 bucks a month thru vistaprint
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          Another hint for everyone with a web site is to view your web site with multiple browsers before you consider the job finished.

          The same web site can look different on Firefox vs Internet Explorer 8 and 7, and very much so for those still stuck on Internet Explorer 6. You can download these free of course. You might be amazed at the differences that can pop up. Many web designers are giving up on support for IE 6 as it can really require making custom pages just for that version.

          Now if you are one of those still holding onto IE 6 you really should also have IE 7 or 8 or Firefox as another browers. The 3 latter ones are "modern" browsers with standards for the future and pretty much what you see in IE 7 or 8 will be close or the same as Firefox and the vast majority of web surfers are now out of IE 6, yet some corporations haven't upgraded etc, so some of your clientele is running IE 6 still. Take a look, sometimes your web site will look perfect in one and scrambled a bit in old browsers like IE 6.

          Summary, just remember your web site may not and often does not look identical in browsers, and I haven't even touched on G's Chrome and Opera, but they shouldn't be the problem of IE 6.
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            Hate to post yet again on this but in regards to what the admin said about different web browsers that is another great feature of the dreamweaver you can live view your website in any of the browsers you have on you computer before you publish it. Hum maybe I should go to work for adobe. LOL as a sales rep. JK!

            Sorry but I have built many websites for many different companies and friends over the years and the dreamweaver is like my right hand now. I can't say enough good things about it and how many headaches it saves in creating a great website.

            Kind of off the topic but...

            as far as vista print goes... if you registered the name with godaddy it is 10 dollars for the for the whole year and you can use the free hosting and the free website builder. For 10 dollars a month you can get great ad free hosting just about anywhere, I think it is 14 month at godaddy for ad free but still.

            I really don't like vista print I haven't delved into their website builder or anything but I did check into the "FREE" business cards and they get you with the shipping and handling on that.

            I got 200 great cards with no advertising on them for the same price as vista print wanted to send the cards with their ads on the back to me for. I got my cards from a local area printer. They are not fancy but they are really nice card stock, my neighbor got the "FREE" vista print cards and they where kind of flimsy. Just my opinion. I have a thousand. LOL


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              Also try and avoid Active X code in your site. Remember not everyone uses Windows.
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                  I use yahoo small business web hosting. It has a program that lets you choose a template & just add what you need. What I like about it is that it shows how many people have been to your website each day. It can also go into more detail about words used to find your page and what pages people have come from to get to your site. Also, it allows you to enter key words & you can see what # you come up on different search engines. Its very easy to use & update. I pay $39 every 4 mos.


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                    personaly, i am not happy with vista print. put up my site 12-3 and called 12-6 to ask why it wasn't up, any way after 3 calls with 3 differnt storys,it still is almost impossible to accsess, just my experience.
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                      I would try the 30 day trial of Dreamweaver. I use dreamweaver too and love it. If you aren't familiar with html, css, etc.. then it would a little tricky building one from scratch... but you can google search for free website temples and go in and change the graphics and text to suit your needs (just make sure the free template is ok for commercial use). Or you can buy a template (like off of and use it. Some are pretty decent and cheapish (30-65$).


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                        I use start logic and it was pretty easy to use their templates. I pay about $8-$9 a month I think now for the hosting and the domain which was the cheapest I found, ad free.
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