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5 Days and Counting

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  • 5 Days and Counting

    Well, we have 5 days left until Christmas Eve. I will NOT be working that day. I am very tired now. I finished at 7pm last nigth and will be starting up very soon for today. I hope all of you are busy and holding up well. Just remember, 5 days left, 4 days left...


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    I am working today, going to Atlanta to pick up the oldest daughter and her three kids, then going to the ZOO tomorrow, coming back to Albany, grooming through Christmas Eve and then OFF Until after the first. We will not be back at work (except to take care of boarders and do a deep cleaning one day) until JANUARY FIFTH! Pray for me to whatever you believe in that the grandkids don;t kill me this week...........the dogs are one thing, the KIDS are another!
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      I too am not working Christmas eve............and have been working till 7 or later all week. This is day 6 of a 6 day week.............a LONG 6 day week..........but,only 4 more working days then I take a week off!!! Hold in there!!!!!!!



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        Wow!! 5 days till I hit the big 40!!!! no, I am not working that day!!
        Hope everyone has a safe and happy christmas!!!


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          Cutting bandanas and making my last batch of doggie Christmas cookies this weekend! Down to the home stretch!


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            And I thought I was the only one counting down the days!! Merry xmas everyone!!