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Great xmas gift

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  • Great xmas gift

    My hubby and I got health insurance!!! wahoooo never been so happy to think I get to go to the doc. It was weighing heavy on me that we had none, but after looking into the local chambers programs we found them to pricey for us. But a local insurance co hooked us up with a great plan we can afford. So my new yr resloution is a trip to the doc. MERRY XMAS TO ALL AND HAPPY GROOMING DAWN

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    This makes me very happy to read, Dawn! I am also relieved for you! It is scary to be uninsured, and it does weigh on you- so many self employed cannot afford it,,or corporate employees, too, for that matter. Huge congrats!!!
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      I got a 2lb box of chocolate covered pretzels!

      congratulations on the health insurance...something I need!
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