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  • Facebook and Your Privacy

    Ten privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission that seeks a roll-back of recent changes to Facebook's privacy policy.

    I know we do a good job here of protecting your privacy. In fact, I get asked EVERY WEEK to sell your emails. Since 1997 we have NEVER sold any info about our visitors, period, and we will never get that greedy.

    Facebook is under harsh criticism and I must agree with the complaint. In today's world privacy should increase, not decrease. Stay informed.

    Be aware that identity theft in Facebook is on a significant increase as we posted last week in another article in a separate thread. How that is done is really amazing, using others to divulge about you. Twisted.
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    This happened to my cousin

    She got an email saying she needed to update her facebook account according to their guidelines, which she did, then all of her contacts got messages saying that she somehow ended up in England and could we please send her some money to get back home. it seemed legit at first because it was her name with her photo intact.


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      Are you planning to take down your page off of facebook?

      Stephen: Maddie may, but having a business only page would be fine and without risk done right. We have so little time for it anyway. Wait till you see what is coming here in mid January!!! Having tons more fun with that and most of you will too. The next generation of message board communities is coming, but don't worry, nothing more to learn and board remains same but wow, something entirely new for the Internet and this board and it is going to be installed here, Groomer Pedia and PetGroomerShop boards which will open in new ways. It really is the next level coming soon. Just reserved the programmer to be first in line.
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