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Sick, still doing bloodwork...

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  • Sick, still doing bloodwork...

    Well, I went in to the doc last week because I was having serious upset tummy issues. I thought it was all stress and was hoping the doc would just give me something to make me feel better. She ran bloodwork and several things came back. First, I have H.Pylori which is a bacteria that can cause ulcers.
    Second, I am anemic. Third, my white count and platelet were both slightly elevated.
    And now the meds for the H. Pylori are making me dizzy and yesterday I woke up with a cold. The cold would not be that big of a deal, but now I may not get to go see my family for Chirstmas since my dad is so sick.
    She is running more bloodwork to see if I have a vitamin deficiency.
    What can I eat to give myself more iron in the meantime? I cannot eat red meat or have more than 250 mg of Vitamin C for 7 days. I have to do a sample and those are the directions.
    Has anyone had any experience with all of this?

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    oh my gosh!

    im so sorry your not feeling well... i got no ideas on the iron thing, but about going to see your family.. maybe one of the little face masks? my grandfather was really sick and i wanted to see him but had the cold so i just wore a face mask and used lots of hand sanitizer...

    hope you get figured out and better soon!


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      I don't eat meat anymore other than fish about once a week. I eat spinach in my salads because it's high in iron. You can also eat beans they have a lot of iron and fiber too which is usually good for your tummy as long as you don't over do it. Then it will backfire on you...Lol!!!


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        quinoa, is a grain that is high iron,use it instead of rice, or make tabouli type salad .hope you get to see dyour family and get straightened out soon.
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          Sick, still doing blood work

          Spinach and lots of it.


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            I always google for answers. I know raisins have iron but maybe C also. Spinach too.


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              FYI, raisins, grapes and anything high in tannic acid is toxic to many dogs. Some dogs it doesn't bother, but, who wants to experiment.
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