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  • Dogs and smokes OT

    Our shop is in a small strip mall. We're at one end, and there is a tobaccanists on the other end. Two gentlemen who don't speak much english just pulled up. No dog in the car, I thought they were coming in to try to schedule an appointment (good luck). They opened the door and got a step or two inside then stopped dead, looking around in a quite confused fashion. I asked if I could help them and they started laughing, shaking their heads. "Smokes," they muttered and left, ribbing each other on the way out. The looks on their faces was priceless, since they were expecting smokes and got a scottie instead. And they were polite enough to move their car from the front door parking space. It's just one of those days all around, it seems.

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    lol that is funny. A shop I used to work at would always get old women looking for a human hair salon, we must have had a dozen come in there.