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  • Mohawk on Poodle

    Hi there,
    Ok now my grooming world becomes creative. My customers usually jsut want the broing shave downs and that's it, now next week I am getting a nice looking Min Poodle that the owner requested a Mohawk for.
    I am sure plenty of you have done Mohawks before, but it is my first time.
    Any tips and tricks would be appreciated or if you can link me to some pictures that would be awesome. I shaved the body with a #5 a few months ago and would think I use the same blade on the head now where I take the top hair off. She wants to leave the ears fluffy.
    I have some mousse and doggy hair spray to hold it in place too.
    I think I just need a few words of encourgament as I am not that creative. I guess I am the better dog person than artist:-)
    have a nice evening!

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    Well, me, I succkkk at making things even and centered. I usually have my partner do bows, ponytails, mohawks, and anything that sounds 'people worded' like 'layered.
    anyway. My only advice is to start out wide, because te\hen you can go in to fix it. The only poodle I've done a mohawk on was getting shaved with a #7, So we did a 10 on the face and head and personally..... I don't like it.. Looks best if you make it start right down closer to the nose.