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I feel sooo bad...

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  • I feel sooo bad...

    For this family. I do 5 dogs all neighbors (and I'm not mobile). I do "Barkley" a big over stuffed golden, who is neighbors with "Jimmy", and 2 aussies ( I don't do regularly, so I don't remember their names off the top of my head), and "Kalhua" a shih.

    Anyway... the aussie's mom, and "Jimmy's" mom brought "barkley" in the other day (one dropped off one p/u). "Barkley's" mom is in the hospital she had pneumonia was hospitalized, is now on a resperator, and not looking good. They don't think she will come home. This lady was not old at all in her 40's, healthy, a runner, and very into living healthy. (sometimes I think that is worse for your immune system).

    They are trying to take care of "Barkley". His mom moved here from Michigan after her husband died in a car accident last year. She moved in with her sister, whose husband ended up passing away unexpectadley 6 monthes after her sister ("Barkley's" mom) moved here. The sister is so distraut she doesn't want "Barkley". I am afraid his mom is dying of a broken heart all she ever did when she was in was talk about her late husband, and the accident.

    He is going to be shipped off back to Michigan to her daughters if his mom doesn't mke it. That is great that he is going back to family that wants, and loves him. Except that he is a 10yr old Golden with not so good hips, and arthritis. I am afraid the same thing will happen to him with all the stress, he is going to have to be shipped.

    I tried to talk "Jimmy's" mom into taking him, she was willing since "Jimmy" is an older Golden too. The lady's daughter wants him back. I love that they want him, and are willing to care for him. The one daughter is in her 20's so this was her dog growing up. I just feel bad for, and worry for him, and how all of this is going to age him.
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    they can't ship him in this weather,so at least everyone will get a "cooling" off period. time to think about the dogs best interests.gladyou care about the dog.
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      Maybe personal transport??

      Maybe you can help them hook up with a Golden rescue with volunteers to break the trip up. Happens a lot in rescue. Regular transport would not be the answer for him due to his age and discomfort.

      Also - lol, I don't think living healthy is WORSE for the immune system, it is just that sometimes, for some unknown reason, viruses or bacteria can run rampant EVEN in a healthy person. (I've been watching Dr. G: Medical Examiner a lot, plus have read several instances of these situations.)


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        Well, here's to hoping she will pull through. I don't want to get your hopes up, but sometimes people exaggerate about health issues, other peoples and their own. The fact that she is so healthy may help her pull through.
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          Yes, I would look into a railroad for this dog if needed. A senior pet should not be shipped, it is too much stress on them.