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  • Booo on Static

    Don't you hate how everything gets static-y in the winter...I was just brushing my Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix and all the hair I got off of her was flying back up and sticking to her body lol...What do you guys do, if anything, to minimize static...I did use a wet comb on a yorkie with VERY thin hair...It worked pretty well...

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    That's easy. Use a leave-in spray conditioner. And a humidifier doesn't hurt, either.


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      I also use a leave in conditioner.
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        I have a humidifier going--it helps a lot, AND I can add essential oils to it so it smells REALLY good! Also, I've read that a dryer sheet in your pocket and rubbing it a bit on your clothes thru the day helps a lot. AntiStat spray is wonderful, many topical conditioners will helps static as well. Working on a rubber mat at your table will help as well.
        It gets really poopey around here (WI) about the end of Oct to the beginning of Dec. thri like nearly March for static. All I can do it try these things, and remember not to go up and touch my dog on the table after handling the ShopVac!
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          We use a humidifier during the winter. I'll also force dry a few dogs in the same room that I groom in and that definitely puts some moisture in the air.
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