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  • How are you paid?

    Hello, (not sure if this is the right place to post this)
    I was wondering how groomers (who work for someone else) are paid. I groom part time (due to having two small children) and I work on a 50% commission and receive a 1099 at the end of the year. The shop I work for also offers 'table rental' if I would like to go full time. I figure with table rental I could make double if not triple what I'm making now. I was just wondering if those experienced with table rental knew much more about it. Namely how taxes and compensation works. I understand I would get 100% of the money from my grooms and just pay the shop owner the amount for the table each month. What I question is would clients make their checks out to me? Or the shop? At the end of the day do I take home what I made or do I collect at the end of the week. Also, lets be real if I make cash Im not gonna want to claim 'all' of it (yeah I know its wrong). This may be something that you come up with with the shop owner but I was hoping someone with experience with this topic would give me some insight so I am more knowledgeable when we talk about it. I want it to be worth my while if I'm going to put my kids in daycare. Also, I have been burned before by a grooming shop owner so I want to protect myself in any way possible. And if you have knowledge about it and think its a bad idea I'd like to know more about it. I have yet to find a negative to it being the money would be so much more. Working for 50% I'm pretty much already paying the table fee if not more... I'm just scared bc of my kids and I dont want to get screwed (again)... sigh
    Thanks so much for your time

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    You may want to get more info from the business owner. You'll need to purchase your own insurance as well. I know that the way it's supposed to work is that you book all your appts and they're your clients. If the business wants to do it otherwise, it may not be legal. If you get more information and want to pursue it, I'd sure sit down with a qualified attorney and tax person before making up your mind. There is a lot at steak here and some of the regulations may vary by state. It would be really worth the consultation money to meet an hour with each so you make the best decision...and don't get caught doing the wrong thing taxwise!