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It's gonna snow in SC

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  • It's gonna snow in SC

    For those of you in other parts of the country and few inches of snow is no biggie. But around here, just the whisper of the word snow causes a total shut down. There will be a mad rush to buy milk and bread, the grocery store isles will be bare and many business will be closed tomorrow. This is totally gonna mess with tomorrows grooming schedule and my income! I had to spend the money I had put back for Christmas on the dentist, but was hoping I could make it up this weekend. My poor little tree has nary a present under it. Hope my family will be happy just having me, a hug, and a smile, (minus a tooth) as a Christmas present,, fa la la la la la la la la!!!!

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    haha. That is so true. Just a mention of a single snowflake and all of South Carolina goes into hibernation. As if they are going to actually be snowed in for months on end and will survive on bread, eggs, and milk. What do you make with that anyway? Lots of french toast?

    I personally think it is a scam by Merita bread company and Pet Milk. Sales are slow. Stock is down. Call for snow. Sell LOTS of bread and milk. Sales are up. Stock is up. All is good. Snow? What snow?

    We are leaving for the beach on Saturday - when they are saying it will snow. NOw the one time I really DON"T want it to snow it will probably do just that and we will miss our Christmas vacation at the beach. I guess I'd better go stock up on bread and milk just in case.


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      Looks like we are gonna miss the snow!! I feel for the NC groomers, they are gonna get blasted. Have a great christmas at the beach!


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        im the weirdo who actually wants it to snow.. im at the ga/sc border so we never ever get snow. my boyfriend(whos from mi) took me to niagra falls last jan... i LOVED the snow. hes not happy about that. i prayed, hard, for snow when we were in MI for thanksgiving.. no luck