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  • Windy Way Cavaliers & Gotta Love Gracie

    I have a short time before I sleep and sitting here in my quiet hotel room I would like to take this opportunity to thank two ladies who have been wonderful to a stranger far from home and in a very difficult situation.

    Windy Way Cavaliers left her sick children and drove in driving snow for over 2.5 hours to meet me thinking she was the only groomer I would meet except the one who sold me my truck. She met me at her favorite Italian place, talked shop with me, talked kids with me, talked shampoos and essential oils and steered me toward a clean hotel with a good breakfast. She celebrated a new era in my career and rejoiced in my happiness. She brought me a hand made gift basket with so many nice things in it I took a picture of it. (Picture to be posted when I get home.) She stayed in touch with my via phone to provide emotional support for a couple of days and afterward a couple of times since. We rejaoiced last night on the phone that I was FINALLY going home.

    Gotta Love Gracie heard me talking about how stinking BORED I was sitting here in my hotel room (I hate TV.) and offered to let me stay with her two nights and ride along with her. Two nights turned into a week and a half and she never ONCE complained about me invading her space. I rode along with her and planned to be her bather. My time and energy was taken up with worry and stress and talking on my cell phone so I know I didn't do as well as I could have. She never once complained about anything.

    She never once laughed at the way my hair looked first thing in the morning or last thing at night or THAT matter all dad gum day some days. She never complained about my dietary quirks (I'm a freak) and gladly took me to Woodman's to buy my favorite diet soda.

    She freely loaned me anything I needed in her house to make me feel at home and did not laugh because I was too cold, tired and sore to finish the snow man.

    I never fully fluffed her Bichons (a crime, I know) or any of her personal dogs, for that matter and all she said was that she was grateful for me bathing them. When I was in the middle of doing them she just kept telling me I did not have to, even though she had made a joke about me doing them when we met and she did not have time to do it herself. I knew it was what she wanted most & didn't ask for outright.

    Bathing 11 dogs and a couple of puppies & cooking a couple of times HARDLY seems like repayment for saving me almost a THOUSAND dollars in hotel bills, generous sharing of professional knowledge, selling me a great blow dryer, giving me a grooming arm to use in my unit, treating me like family, sharing her dogs to sleep with showing me her trade secrets and all the dog's baby pictures. Allow me to reiterate treating me like family. I really enjoyed the quiet moments over dinner drinking hot tea and talking about our respective days. Not everyone will take you out for Friday fish fry when you are depressed, stressed, scared and far from home.

    I watched GLG work 10-14 hours days on little food and less rest to come home and take care of her rig which takes almost half an hour in biting cold and taking care of her 11 dogs who missed her, a teen aged daughter who needed her and me who was filled with more respect on a daily basis to see a lady faced with a hard working life and just not giving up. She always had a hug, pet or kind words for whomever needed it. Oftentimes that included me.

    I was inspired by her willingness to take others on their own terms and enjoy them as they are with an attitude of gratitude. I was exhausted and hypoglycemic and barely could focus. GLG ran on sheer determination and meticulously turned out great results EVERY time. (Except that time the Yorkie bit the Dremel when I was Dremelling his nails). She inspired me to more patience and reminded me by the force of her example to be more gentle and caring. In all the time I was there I never heard her raise her voice, a feat in itself, but, her actions and facial expressions spoke volumes.

    Thank you doesn't even come close. I will NEVER forget you.
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    You make me want to leave home and go visit Windy Way and GLG! Very well written. Put a lump in my throat. Restores your faith in humankind, huh?


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      Originally posted by Elise H View Post
      You make me want to leave home and go visit Windy Way and GLG! Very well written. Put a lump in my throat. Restores your faith in humankind, huh?
      Ditto that....
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        That is very wonderful to hear

        I don't know what to say except, I imagine she really enjoyed having you. It really can be more blessed to give than to receive. I'm sure both of them were blessed by meeting you.

        I think nothing happens without a reason, and altho it may have started out badly like a twilight episode, it ended with a great experience all in all, and two good new friends.

        It actually feels good to be in a position to help someone. It is also nice to work with a fellow groomer who also is mobile. I enjoy the company, although it is a rare experience to have another groomer come along. I almost wish it had been me.


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          That is sooo sweet!


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            That is so wonderful and well written. I'm sure they enjoyed helping you out as much as you needed to be helped. This incident just goes to show that we have a wonderful board here with wonderful, caring people. Now make it home safe and sound. I'm sure this is an adventure that you will never forget.
            BTW My favorite part of your adventure was the fashion show you put on while shoveling. I would have paid to see that!!

            PS Sounds like the folks in Wisconsin ROCK!! I'm going to have to go there sometime, you know just to check out all that cheese!
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              That is incredibly kind and beautifully well written, SmartN. Thank you---meeting you was just a blast! I will see you in TX this summer!
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                sNp...I was just "PAYING IT FORWARD"! Thank you for your kind words.

                Putting myself in your shoes, I hope there would be someone to come to my rescue. Plus having just moved from Texas (half my family still there), I knew we would have a few things in common. I only wish I hadn't been so busy, I may have had a chance to show you around a bit...besides Woodmans and every gas station in the area. And, if I knew I was going to have you stay, I may have even had some food in the house. My daughter and I live on very little when it comes to food or I buy as I need it. Really... my house IS chaotic and there's lots to do (esp, with my hubby still in Texas) but it's just life and we do what we have to do to make it work. I learned a few things from you too, you know. Like...what that dang flat ended dryer attachment was for (had it for a year and never knew why I had it?? lol)...and, how to make beer bread and, that I definitely need to start investing in some nice my one CC but sure could use a few more! Anyways, hope you are getting close to home by now and all works out eventually with your truck. Every month I complain about making my huge payment but this situation just confirms why I bought new..being alone, I just couldn't deal with constantly worrying about my truck. I guess I'm paying for the peace of mind....and I need all the peace I can get, as you know! :/


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                  SnP...Even thought it cost you a lot to get home. You sure had a great experience meeting some wonderful people. Reading you thread about this adventure made me laugh, cry and learn to appreciate how wonderful people can be. This just verifies that I need to make my way to Wisconsin
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                    I got home around 4 this AM. Beer bread rocks with real butter.

                    What I learned from you is:

                    Dry my damn dogs a few more minutes. It makes ALL the difference.

                    I never used to suck as bad as I thought at grooming. My brushes, combs & scissors sucked.

                    Dogs take ages to dry in cold weather.

                    Don't leave your cup of hot tea with milk & honey on the windowsill (with a spoon in it) when it's -12F overnight. It will be a teasicle in the AM.

                    Keep a hand towel draped across your lap if you live with a bull mastiff.

                    Be patient.

                    Be thorough.

                    You can never have too much cheese on your food.

                    Cheese curds come in white, too.

                    Laugh when you feel like crying.

                    Soup is always good.

                    A toilet in the rig is a good thing.

                    The crock pot is your friend when you are mobile.
                    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                    People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me