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I wanna go on vacation -- Need help??

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  • I wanna go on vacation -- Need help??

    So we have been working 6 1/2 days a week for the past 3 months and I am pooped. I booked 4 nights in the mountains for Jan 1-5 but since I am at a kennel ... there are dogs to groom and the other groomer is my daughter who also wants to go on our mini vacation also.

    Should I try calling a mobile and see if they will come service the dogs Jan 2-5th? Or will their prices be so high because they are mobile that I will owe $$. And how will I know that they will do a good job and how will I pay them?

    Or should I try to find someone that needs some extra work to come in and work for me during those days but then I need to trust them w/my equipment and not to take anything. I did read on a thread how someone stole all her stuff from the shop ... that could be a nightmare.

    Or maybe there is someone on thie forum that is in Southern Orange Cnty, California that wants to work Jan 2-5th....

    What would you do??? I really want to gooooooooo

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    Man, that sucks. I know just how you feel. I'm booked up to my eyeballs, can't even dare get sick because there's nowhere to reschedule anyone! Vacation? Puh-leeze. The last "vacation" I took was to NM for my father's funeral. Oh, and a road trip in 2004...that was pretty fun. I really hope you can make this work. Oh, and check your PM's.

    I love my job, but man - what I wouldn't give for a week off...
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      I think you deserve a vacation.
      I do not think 4 or 5 days off in January constitutes a crisis worthy of you possibly putting out fires for a week when you get back...clients unhappy about grooms from a groomer you have no experience with, broken or missing equipment, you name can go wrong.

      If it were me...I would simply not book grooms for that time period.

      The kennel can figure out how to do necessary kennel baths, if they don't already know, and for the most part...5 days is not going to make such a monumental difference in the growth of dog to warrant the total pita of trying to make all these arrangements.
      You'll go away and you'll worry, or they will be calling you with questions, or you will spend 1 entire day/night writing up all the specifics for the "fill in"...and still forget 23 important things.

      Just DON'T book ANY grooms that require you or your daughter. Period.

      Shoot...I know of no fewer than 6 "only" groomers that took SIX weeks off to have replacements.

      I managed a boarding kennel and was the sole groomer for 20 years...and this is the only way to go away with peace of mind and come back relaxed and refreshed. need the "practice" before you take that 2 week vacation w/ your family this Summer!
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        I don't know how far in advance you are booked, but if you already have appts scheduled, try to reschedule them & don't take anyone on those days. That is all I can suggest, any good customer will understand that everyone needs a vacation...I have taken two- one week long vacations this year & my customers totally understand!


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          go away.

          Originally posted by bednbones View Post
          So we have been working 6 1/2 days a week for the past 3 months and I am pooped.
          If you don't get some time off you will miss way more than 5 days when your body finally gives out from the overwork. If your clients don't understand that you need some time off then do you really want them as clients?

          Enjoy your break. I would fill in for you in a heartbeat if I lived on the left coast.


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            Ditto everyone

            A few days off AFTER the holidays should not worry you! Take a break with your daughter you deserve it. Over working yourself will only hurt you in the long run. Their not gonna die without you. I used to work those kind of hours, but ever since I changed my outlook to "fewer dogs higher prices" from " do as many dogs as possible to make ends meet" I have been much happier and make more money then ever before. I can relax and work on developing my skills and relations with clients. I only work four days a week and if I want to take off a week for vacation or a show it is not a problem. Life is Good


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              I vacation about every 5-7 months for a week. I also book them that far in advance. That way when the time comes to book people I already have that week off. I have quite a few clients that pre book 6 months in advance and they have no problem booking around my vacations.


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                You have to number one, stick to your off dates. Number 2 make those dates doable for employers and clients to a degree. I mean, the week after a major holiday may not be the best week to choose if you work in a place where boarders are your livelihood. I mean, its wasier to tell people the second week of Jan that the groomer is off, than it is the week they are trying to get everyone from the holiday season home.

                If you told your boss and they approved the time off, then TAKE IT. That is their problem to figure out.

                If you know someone who might be able to fill in, byu all means call them, but if the time was booked for you to be off, then take it.
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                  Perhaps put up a sign that the groomer will be out on whatever dates, and those who have boarded and wish grooming before they go home may come back when the groomer is in and receive a 25% discount for their trouble? Shouldn't affect many people anyway, but it shows your concern for their pets.


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                    Awesome Responses

                    Thank you so much for all the words of wisdom. It really isn't brain surgery ... so what is 5 days. I really do feel like we need a break as a family. Yes it would be better to take it during the off season for my business but I have kids and even this vacation cuts into 3 days of their schooling. I have a senior in high school so I have to be careful what days we are off because he is so academic.

                    The price reduction is an awesome idea. Calling the clients, another great idea. Not worrying about it -- truly novel idea. For you gals that have been doing it a while have obviously found a balance in your life vs grooming. I think the economic times, being new, having a husband whose job industry disappeared, one kid in college, another in a trade school and one on their way to college have all added to the stress of making a living.

                    I am running so fast on a hamster wheel that I just noticed that I sent out my Christmas card and forgot one kids name on it --- got all the dog's names mind you ... just for the one daughters. Luckily she hasn't noticed yet. HA. I am also just opening last years Christmas cards because I was saving them until my cards were ready so I wouldn't lose the addresses. That never happened. Now I have tons of cards everywhere. It is so pretty but my husband is confused as to why we have several families that have send us 2 cards. I'm not gonna tell him and see if he can figure it out. LOL.

                    Here it is.
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                      Just a PS, as I just read your follow-up. I have NEVER offered a price reduction for going away for a few days. All my clients know what it's like to need/take a vacation...heck, they take 5 times as many as I do...why should I lose money for taking a much needed break?

                      Now, I do understand the economy may differ where you are, and you may feel you need to do this to retain clients...but don't do it out of guilt. You will only be selling yourself short, and I just don't see the need.
                      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                        forgot a kid?

                        Originally posted by bednbones View Post
                        i am running so fast on a hamster wheel that i just noticed that i sent out my christmas card and forgot one kids name on it --- got all the dog's names mind you ... Just for the one daughters.