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    After opening my shop I decided to retail some small items. I decided on Lupine because of their great customer service and guarantee. of my regular customers bought two 6 ft. leads. One week later she comes in with one of the leads that had snapped in half. You could tell it was not chewed, it was a blunt cut. So I'm thinking okay guaranteed. I don't have another one of the one she wants. I call Lupine and they tell me to return it but I have to pay the minimum $6 shipping fee. Regardless of the size of your order they charge $6 shipping. She needs a lead so I "lend" her another one.

    John "the salesman" tells me the lead's sometimes just "snap" in half!!! He has seen it a "bazillion" times. Now I'm thinking great what if one snapped and the dog ran off?
    Then I tell him when I got my order one of the step in harness had a faulty snap. No he explains sometimes it appears as if the snap is sewn on backwards but it isn't. They can send me instructions on how to fix it. They have this problem so often they have written instructions on how to re-fold the harness straps to make it workable.

    Am I being a B*tch but come on...leads that snap in half and harness that need to be re-folded?? I can deal with the harness although I don't think I should have to. But I am concerned with the faulty leads. Especially since according to John they have seen this a bazillion times. He did not seem to be overly concerned with this either. And then for me to have to pay for the shipping when they KNOW their leads have been faulty. They also said I could have the customer return it at her shipping expense!!!! Now in the spirit of customer service I will have to pay the shipping AND I lent her a lead so I am out the shipping and the loaner lead....

    So does anyone wants to buy some Lupine collars and leads??? I'll give ya a great deal, hey I will pay for the shipping!!!!

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    That's horrible ... so much for quality control of a product.


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      Great gravy! No, I don't think I'd like your Lupine stuff. If I were you I'd pack up the whole lot and send them back to the company and tell them you want your money back. I'd not be comfortable selling another lead knowing it might snap in half. I'd be a wreck if one of my customer's babies got killed after a lead snapped that they got from me. Thanks for the heads-up, though. I'll never EVER buy a Lupine lead, or anything else from their company for that matter. It just boggles the mind..... >.<


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        I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having with Lupine. In 1993 I moved my shop to a bigger space and did retail. Lupine was really small then and I was proably the only one in MD that carried their collars and leashes. They were the best ever then.

        Guess like other manufactures they get bigger and better and the quality goes down.

        Bummer, they were the best.


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          Wow, that's scary. Lupine should definitely be more concerned about a problem that could potentially get someone's dog lost or killed. I'm pretty sure this falls under "failure to warn", which can get companies in trouble for knowingly selling faulty products. I'm not sure if pet products are legally handled the same way as human ones, though.

          If any more of your regulars have bought these leads, I'd call them and let them know, just to be on the safe side.


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            Wow, we carry Lupine and have never had a problem!! I even own several leashes and I have never had one snap!!
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              Originally posted by Fast Ellie View Post
              I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having with Lupine. In 1993 I moved my shop to a bigger space and did retail. Lupine was really small then and I was proably the only one in MD that carried their collars and leashes. They were the best ever then.

              Guess like other manufactures they get bigger and better and the quality goes down.

              Bummer, they were the best.
              Probably made in China now. Most of the **** they export is pretty much disposable.


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                I retail Lupine and have never had any complaints. I have had that harness thing happen but it's really easy to fix, just confusing to explain.


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                  Retailing Lupine - Guarantee

                  Here's what I know about Lupine: Lupine is made from woven nylon. The lowest-quality nylon out there (and that's not Lupine!) is still stronger than the best-quality metal hardware. But, as a fabric material there's limited resistance to chewing. A chewed leash frequently looks like it was cut with scissors or a knife, with a straight edge. There is absolutely no pet-related use where the the webbing simply breaks. None. Zip, zero, nada.

                  But that's OK, because their stuff is Guaranteed (even if chewed)! That means that if a consumer brings in a chewed up leash, a retailer can exchange it for a new one. Doesn't matter where it was purchased. Good customer service = good customers.

                  Lupine supplies a postage-paid label (by fax, email or snail mail) to get the damaged piece back from the retailer and puts a credit on your account the day it's received. The credit is for the current wholesale cost of the damaged piece, regardless of how old it is or what it cost when it was purchased.

                  Next order (Lupine has no minimum order size), the credit gets applied. Any outbound order has a flat $6. s/h charge, regardless of size. Pretty easy.

                  If someone brings in a piece and the retailer doesn't have a replacement, or if the retailer chooses for any reason not to handle the Guarantee, the consumer should mail the damaged item direct to Lupine (on their postage). Then Lupine mails a replacement (no charge) back to them, within 1-2 business days of getting the damaged piece. Pretty fast.

                  Bottom line, Lupine pays the shipping one-way for damaged replacements: either with a postage-paid label to the store, or by covering the return postage to the consumer. This applies to hardware damage, chewing mistakes, frayed collars, etc. The Guarantee 'dis-includes' 'items that are lost, outgrown or simply worn.'

                  Based on their website, everything is built in New Hampshire and has been since 1990.


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                    Pinkpoodle, I think if I were in your position I'd call back and ask to speak to "John's" boss. And keep asking to speak to the next person up the ladder until I got some satisfactory answers.


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                      Well Tracy I understand what u are saying BUT according to John....this has happened a bazillion times and he described the "break" exactly. I am sure the customer would have told me if the dog chewed it afterall, she has nothing to lose since she would get another lead anyway.

                      My big concern is the dog could have run off OR worse killed. Lupine can give all the guarantee's and great customer service they want to but if a lead can "snap" a bazillion times then all of the above is irrelevant.

                      As far as them paying "postage" for one way that kinda stinks when the customer or I have to pay to ship back a faulty lead!!

                      Yes Helly, but if the boss were to tell me something different than John did I would wonder who was telling the truth. It was kinda interesting that John described this break exactly. Some times the worker bee's are a great source of information.

                      Now if I talk to the manager and he says no this does not happen should I really believe that? Why would John just make it up and then describe it perfectly? In short John would have more to gain by not saying that afterall he is a salesman.

                      This whole thing is just not setting well with me... I will call tomorrow and see if I can return them...


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                        I'd try contacting Tracy McCarthy with Marketing & Internet Related Issues
                        at Lupine as that name matches the first-time previous poster.


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                          I have been retailing Lupine for five years. I have five of my dogs currently wearing and using Lupine(not counting the ones who did but have now passed on). And I nor my customers have ever had a lead 'snap'. Now if it has happened a 'bazillion' times, I would think that I would have had at least experienced it either thru my customers or personally at least once in five years.

                          It would seem much more likely to have the lead jerked out of the owners hand before it ever got a chance to snap! Or maybe the dog running down the street dragging lead and the owners arm.....

                          I do believe Lupine is a quality product and it is made here in the USA.


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                            Ahhh good eye Mortie. Boy, now I really question good ol' Lupine. If she is as you say why not just stand up and speak up??? Questions Questions........

                            Again, I'm am just passing along what their employee told me. Just because it has not happened to EVERYONE does NOT mean it has not happened to someone and I for one would not want it to happen ever again to anyone. I would suggest some of us call and speak to John but me thinks the mystery poster has canned his butt by now.


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                              Wow, I never had a problem with lupine either and ever time I call , their so helpful. When I replace a collar or lead, I usually tell the customer they have to choose with what I have in the store or if they want the exact one that I don't have, they can send it in to the company. I won't reorder just one thing even if the shipping is only 6$. So , sorry you had a bad experinece with "John". Im sure the company will stand by there products. They are one of the few companys that I deal with that has great customer service.