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Has anyone every considered NOT grooming over the holidays?

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  • Has anyone every considered NOT grooming over the holidays?

    This is the third year in a row I've found myself overbooked and overstressed at Christmas time. I swore I would not do it to myself this year. There was no reason to. I put extra money in my X-mas club all year so making extra money certainly wasn't an issue. I warned people far in advance if they wanted an appointment before the holidays, they had better make it NOW. I was bound and determined to NOT get overloaded this year. I was all set for a nice peaceful holiday for a change.

    It all went ok, until this person or that person popped up and I thought, "Dang... forgot about them. Good client, I better get them in". Next thing ya know, I'm pretty booked, but it's still do-able with my daughter working with me. And then comes the snowstorm and although I did make it to my shop and figured those who didn't were just outta luck, I swallowed my pride and rescheduled them. And then the hot water heater overheated and flooded my shop and a day and a half of appointments all had to be rescheduled. And here I am. No less then 16 dogs per day between now and Christmas with only Sunday to finish my shopping, get my own dogs done and prepare my house for the holidays.

    On top of that, I feel like living **** which isn't a good thing since my husband tested positive for H1N1 last week. I'm congested, my head hurts, my body aches and I'm just plain exhausted.

    The last 2 years, the tips havn't been the greatest either. I realize times are tough for people and that's understandable. I don't EXPECT tips..... but lets be honest. Don't we all secretly look forward to those holiday tips? So if they pretty much suck (with the exception of a few people) doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of looking forward to them? (not to mention, bust our butts for them) lol

    I guess what I'm saying is, I'm not enjoying this at all. Which is actually quite sad, but it's the truth. I didn't enjoy it last year or the year before either. So I'm thinking I might just skip it next year. Relax and enjoy the holiday with no stress. Go spend my X-mas club check whenever the heck I feel like it, bake some cookies (ok, that's probably stretching it a bit) or just relax in my jammies on a Tuesday afternoon and read a good book while everyone else is stressing themselves out trying to get everyone elses dogs groomed for Christmas.

    It sounds great, but I probably won't do it because I'm not that smart. But then again, maybe I'll surprise everyone

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    i did not overbook myself this year, nor did i do last year either. starting in aug, as i saw them. i found out who needed to be done before xmas and who didn't. arranged the schedule to accomodate those. i am working a regular week every week before xmas. i can tell you it is lovely. i actually wrote out xmas cards this year.
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      All of your clients want to get in for Christmas and take the Holiday picture in front of the tree. I learned a long time ago, I am not supergroomer. Although I am guilty of the same thing, here is what i did to make it less painful.
      I started booking for Christmas after Labor day, I told my regulars and got them in on the days they wanted, scheduling all their appointment from Sept to Dec. If their appointment fell in early December, I explained we would do a bath and neaten. Bath, nails, sanitary and trim face. They would be clean and look cute for the holiday. All the clients that called in December for an appointment, i told them we were only doing our Hoiliday Bath and neaten Packages from December 14th til the 23rd. Bath ( in holiday scents) nails, sanitary, trim face, bandannaor bows and their Christmas/Holiday present. By telling them their pet was getting a present, most of them at least bring in a card with some cash. The present is a peanut butter bone dipped in carob with two cursive D's in green and purple for our salon colors. The favorite clients get a squeaky toy I got on Black Friday when i got all my shoppin done. i always take the Sunday off after Black Friday and do my wrappin while hubby brings up the tree and the kids strart decorating it. All the money i make at Christmas thi year is going towards a down payment on a new car and our vacation fund.
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        i refuse to do the overbooking thing, mat have cost me some clients,my regulars who pay my bills all year get whatever they want, and respect me for taking care of me. the tips aren't as goog this year, but the econ has alot scared. just don't let it get to you, i do 10 dogs aday by myself, and have no intentions of stressing further. have a great holiday, and stop stressing yourself.
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          This is what I do, I buy my new 2010 calendar, take a Sharpie pen and black out all the days,hours & holidays you don't want to work so you don't put anyone in those times. I take a blue highlighter and mark the days you will work, tell customers they can have only the blue days..that's it.
          This way you get the time off YOU want, peroid!! Works for me.


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            I'm not working the 23rd, 24th or 25th; this is time for family. I spent years overdoing things for my jobs and won't do it anymore.

            It may sound silly, but it honestly helps if, way ahead of time, I "X" out the days/hours in my appointment book I don't want to work. If I see clean white space there I tend to book it. If I've Xed it out, it's not available.
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              Last year, when I worked full time in a shop, I had to work Christman Eve and the day after Christmas. Was like Christmas never happened. Nowthat I do housecall and only work in a shop p/t I am able to make my own schedule,, hehehe,, was talking to my mom about having to work, then thought,, wait I work for my self,, I don't have work Christmas Eve. I am planning on working M&T at the shop, doing a few baths for my HC clients on Wed then am taking off the rest of the week. I'm actually gonna get to go to church Christmas Eve! Sorry you are so stressed out! Sometimes ya just got to take time for yourself! Hope you don't get the flu, but sounds like you already have it. I got it back in October and am still hacking my lungs out. Try to have a little fun during the holiday! There are only so many hrs in a day and you are only one person, 16 dogs a day,, whew!!!


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                Well, y'all are just gonna hate me, but, hey, this is why I am my own boss, lol. Like many of you, I told my clients when their December appointments were going to be- didn't ask, told them I got you down for this day. I am leaving for Oregon on Saturday. my last dog- a std poo b&b is Friday at 3. People that have canceled- sorry, I will be home After the new year. Will they find another groomer, no. Will they have shaggy dogs for the holidays- yep.
                I wish you all the best during the week ahead- stay strong, remember to pack snack food so you keep your energy up, and drink lots of fluid.


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                  I worked out of grooming

                  for many years. I'd always be grateful when the holidays came around, grateful that I was not in the grooming madness. Now as my own boss I just do not book heavy. I try to get my regulars in the first week or so. I have x'd out the 24 as my Son is flying in that Morning. People call, gosh I'm sorry, I can't groom Fifi. I've got dogs on the books for January. One that couldn't get in last year didn't like where she went and booked her dog back in October for her Christmas Appointment.

                  Still funny people want me to squeeze there dog in. Hmmmm, squish the dog? How do I squeeze a dog in. Bath it with my left hand while grooming another with my right hand? Well if they are willing to give a great big bonus/tip I might squeeze it in late at night.

                  About 40 years ago I still remember a desparate owner of a little Poodle who talked me into grooming their dog late Christmas eve. They offered a $50 tip and gave that on top of grooming price. Well that was similar to $150 value now. I can make exceptions ;o).

                  So no I'm rather enjoying my nicely paced work days. I do though wish the extras were over. Like singing in the Christmas Concerts, dog shows, several club holiday parties and especially the pot lucks.
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                    Our last day of operations for 2009 is December 23. We close and do not open for business again until January 4, 2010. We're now fully booked.
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                      No. The thought would never occur to me. But I am mobile with all my appts booked months in advance. I know what I can do in a day. There is no scrambling to squeeze people in.
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                        I have never even thought about NOT grooming over the holidays. Mostly since Im Jewish Xmas is just another day. I have actually groomed on Xmas day a few times. I open up my monday (which is normally my day off) and get in as many as I can. Since Im in a brand new place though its not so busy.


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                          This has been the first year

                          of my grooming career that I have been very slow. The tips are few and just what I get any time of year, $5 over my price. I did get $20 extra today. I had only 1, I say ONE little Maltie-poo. I have had her over a year but never gets groomed often enough. This next year we are going to try to do her more often so she can stay in a cute trim. I sprayed her with sugar cookie scented cologne. I then said "Here is your little sugar cookie". And she is as sweet as one too.

                          I am disappointed, as there are a few things I would like to buy myself, but didn't get the extra money for. I really need a new CV filter. I would also like to buy some new cool Les Pooches brushes I hear about here. I just KNOW a few strangers will call last minute trying every groomer in town to try to get in. I am not even going to work the 23rd, I have decided. I plan to sit and watch Christmas movies and eat Ghirardelli peppermint bark candy. My diet is shot anyway.

                          Is it wrong to feel offended? I feel like no body appreciates me. Am I the only one?


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                            If it's not fun...

                            If it's not fun, then don't groom at this time. Take whatever holidays you want. No one has to stress themselves out each year just because so many people want their dogs done at this time.

                            Even if you double your income for December it may not be worth it if you physically exhaust yourself and/or make yourself sick.

                            Like some of the others who have posted, I focus on my regulars, then I pick and choose which other clients I can manage at Christmas.

                            This year is a bit different since I bought a business and don't have the amount of "regulars" that I would like. However, making extra money at the risk of your health, happiness and well-being is not usually worth it. I don't groom the day before Christmas, as I would like a day to relax before the holiday, then I don't groom again until New Year's Eve or the day before, depends on what I feel like and what my plans are.


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                              At 63 I have finally grown a backbone; won't groom myself to death.
                              Set your regulars' appointments, and don't take the ones who didn't pre book; I am so sorry, but we are full. You need to prebook your next appt if you want in. I am so sorry, but we are full. YOU need to prebook your next appt if you want in.
                              repeat as necessary. Failure to plan on their part is not an emergency on your part.
                              If they don't pre book they are not a regular client or a good client.