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  • Ordering supplies

    I have been considering ordering some supplies (mainly blades, maybe new scissors) but I always put it off. I usually use petedge but I get irritated every time because the order usually ends up being much more than expected between shipping and their "you didn't spend enough money, please go back and buy more" fees.

    I called up Geib asking if their place was a storefront since I live about 10 minutes away from the address they have listed. They say no, but shipping is only $4. Sorry, but I'm not spending $4 and waiting several days so they can mail two blades to me from 4 miles away.

    I wish there was a place I could go and pick up supplies, I HATE paying shipping then waiting for orders to ship out and finally get here.

    Feel free to give suggestions of places with fast/good service, though admittedly this was mostly an "I'm in the mood to complain" thread. Today is my day off and one thing I was hoping to do was to find a place to go get a couple blades, so now I'm hopped up on caffine and out of things to do except clean up...Yuck lol

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    American Pet Pro has free shipping on orders over 200.00. If I order on monday I have it by thurs.


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      How fast do you want it?

      Well, fast is a relative thing. I ship out orders on the day I receive them if the order comes in early enough for me to cut an invoice, pack the stuff up and be done before the UPS truck gets here. Lots of the bigger suppliers do. You call it in late or send it at night, I can't do anything until the next day or Monday if it's the weekend. So it depends on you really.

      Then there's the distance thing. UPS takes 5 days to get from me (CA) to you (FL) and the cost is what UPS says it is according to the weight and size of the box(es). I have no control over that, I don't estimate (that is never in your favor) and I don't add anything to the fees. UPS gets paid what you are charged for shipping, not me. Did you know the day we ship doesn't count as one of the 5 days either? Again that's a UPS thing. Want if faster? No Problem, UPS has several options. If you are willing to pay their crazy prices, I'm willing to send it any way you say. What would be 5 days and $7 ground will cost you $50 to overnight, but you'll have it in the morning. So again it's up to you.

      Lastly, every order has the same amount of steps we have to do on this end. Someone has to take the order, either on the phone or by downloading it off the net. We have to enter it into our system and then someone has to pull everything off the shelves, tape the lids shut so nothing leaks, pad the breakables, make the UPS labels, enter the UPS info into the manifest for the day and make sure the UPS guy picks up everything. Tiny orders take just as long to process as big orders and someone has to get paid for that time. But small orders offer very little profit while taking the same amount of time. That's why all of the major suppliers charge that service charge for orders under a certain amount. We have 2 choices, charge the service charge so it's worth our time to fill small orders or don't allow small orders, and then you'd really hate that. It's exactly the same as a client who expects you to save the coat on a completely matted dog but doesn't want to pay you anything extra for your work. Again it's up to you. If there is no profit, there is no business.

      So, there you have it in a nutshell, why suppliers charge those fees and take so long. I'm more than willing to pack it quick, get it out today, get it to you tomorrow and be really nice to you on the phone. All you have to do is call me early enough, pay for the services you are asking for, and I'll throw in the advice on the products and the smile free. And I promise when I come to see you, I'll make an appointment instead of expecting you to squeeze me in today, and my dog will either be mat free or I'll pay you what you ask for the services I want from you. Fair? Yup, you guessed it, it's up to you.

      I have mood to complain days too. No problem...but now you can have informed complaining which may or may not help. How's that caffiene doing ya? LOL!


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        If you have a hair dresser friend, go to the beauty supply stores (the friend is for a hopeful discount).
        Never gonna know if you never even try


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          Not Exactly

          Originally posted by happy trails View Post
          American Pet Pro has free shipping on orders over 200.00. If I order on monday I have it by thurs.
          That shipping deal is only for CA, NV, OR and WA. Sorry, with the price of gas these days, UPS costs have gone through the roof. There are deals for half of the shipping paid at $275 and Free shipping at $550 for the rest of the country but for everyone, those deals don't apply to oversized items or items drop shipped from the manufacturer.


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            I hate the shipping price thing too! has free shipping over $50. It doesn't take me long to get a bill up to 50 bucks. And for .99 cents more you can upgrade to the super speedy shipping. I get my orders usually on the 3rd day after I placed it. I am thinking there's a couple other places like that too that have free shipping with low orders, but am drawing a blank. If I think of them later I'll add them to this post.


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              Sunny, thank you for informing my complaints.

              I took my dog for a 3 mile walk and aside from the blisters all over my feet, and still being hopped up on caffeine, I'm feeling better now. lol

              As for tomorrow, after standing on blistered feet all day, I will probably be complaining again. :P


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                Try professional groomer supply in Orlando. Also call geib and ask for Bill, he has come to my salon before when I needed shears!

                Good Luck!



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                  We have a farm supply place in the next town and they carry all Oster blades and clippers and stuff. Their prices are higher but you can pick it up of the shelf. Do you have any places like that in your area.


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                    My supplier comes to my shop once a month and carries shampoo, scissors, clippers, blades, smocks and just about everything else I need! He will get me everything I want if he doesn't have it in stock. I am sooooooo spoiled. Maybe you could check around for local suppliers? Try a web search for your area, maybe some of the distributors carry miscellaneous items.


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                      Dreamin' bout the same thing!

                      Sometimes Sally's Beauty Supply sells detachable blades and blade cleaner and coolant spray. Its hard to find blade sharpeners so I always check with locksmiths. Sometimes they cut keys and sharpen blades. A few have even sold blades and shears. I aspire to open a retail chain that caters to groomers, but right now its just a dream!


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                        I see you are in VA. I recommend Groomer's Mall, they are also in VA and have a low shipping fee (I ordered a gallon of shampoo and a blade and cost $5 to ship) and get it out quickly.


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                          try They only have a 100 dollar order minimum for no handling, 25 dollar order minimum (ten dollar handling fee applies) and free shipping on just about everything small even most gallons of shampoo. They have always been great to work with and ship fast. I'm now spoiled with a local distributor too, and even though he can't carry my coat handler conditioner, the gal that does gets it to me the next day free via UPS.


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                            Petedge annoys me also!!! Try Ryans Pet Supplies-they have a HUGE selection but you always get free stuff and also try Pet-Agree-they are out of Georgia and i think their shipping rates are better.


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                              I'd call some of the companies and see if they have a local distributor for your area. Also, my plan of attack for the next year to to try and save the purchases that aren't urgent for the next trade show so you get a deal, no shipping, and you get to go to the event too. We did it this year and it helped a lot. Granted I bought too much that wasn't on the list, but we have one started for next year so I could have gone even more hog wild...eesh. Another thing I do is save up my ordering until I do have enough to qualify for the free shipping... we order a lot all at once, and sometimes I don't need items but I stock up anyway. It's kind of like getting free stuff if you consider what you saved on shipping...