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    What is your favorite Christmas memory and or gift as a child.

    Mine was a doll house. One of those tin ones with even a plastic car and little dishes. It had a plastic white stick-together fence and even metal ownings to hook to the windows.

    The next year I got marionettes with a cute cardboard stage and a few cardboard pieces of furniture. I'd put on little shows. I also loved my rudolf the red-nosed reindeer P.J.s with feet.;I'd love to have a bigger pair of those now. LOL

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    Mine was 22 family members all direct relation in house speaking both Vietnamese and English across a huge table. Eggrolls, Fried Rice, Turkey, Vietnamese chicken salad, roast duck, pumpkin pie, apple pie etc etc etc. Awesome Christmas always. Now everyone lives in separate states (MN, MI, TX, WA CA) and we are lucky to see 5 people in one house. Conversation always in English, and of course the all American pass time of drinking beer is now included in Christmas events, that never would have happened in our house full of 22.


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      I'm not certain about my sister, but my favorite holiday that I can remember we couldn't have been much more than 4 or 5 years old and yet I remember it well. Our birthday is Dec 24, so a neighbor dressed as Santa used to deliver our birthday presents. My brother had just finished up a tour of duty in Vietnam and was home, the tree was a typical 60's scraggly one that we thought looked gorgeous with lights and tinsel. Looking back, it seems more like a Charlie Brown tree, but mom was so proud of it. Anyway, I digress, 'Santa' brought me this horn for my new bike (I didn't get till the next day). It was shaped like a tiger head and growled instead of honk. I think we drove everyone crazy with those things that night. Of course, the next morning when Santa left us new bikes, OF COURSE we had to have dad put them on the bikes and we had yet another day of driving everyone crazy with the growling tiger heads. (Which might explain my aversion to buying my own kids toys that made noise....)


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        Sure, the night I got a pretty pink big girl bike, lol. I had big wheels and training wheels and stuff before, but one Christmas my parents got my sister and I matching pink and white bikes.

        Of course I ruined the surprise when I forgot and walked into the room that I was specifically told to stay out of and saw the bikes, haha.
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          When I was young we spent every holiday with my grandfather.I was about 8 yrs old and on our way home Christmas eve we made a stop at a gas station .Mom drove an old pick up truck with a topper on the back so all of our Xmas presents were in bags in the back .while in the station someone had stolen all of my presents from the truck,Of course at 8 yrs old I was devastated by this. But someone obviously needed these toys more than I did.Christmas morning came and Santa always brought a small gift for all of us to open. But somehow early morning my Mom made a quick shopping trip before we had awaken .My special gift that morning was a beautiful plush blue poodle stuffed animal with a golden collar.I lost many presents that Christmas eve but that one blue Poodle was the most precious of gifts I could have received.I held on to that poodle until MY daughter turned 16 and passed it down to her for her first born child.Which now my granddaughter has to treasure.


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            The one that stands out the most

            I was ten and we were at my Grandma's house in Galveston, it was our first and only Christmas there (afterwards we did it at my mom's house). They let me unwrap a gift at 8pm Christmas eve and it was a the Black Thoroughbred Breyer. I still have that horse 20 years later.
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              Mine was...

              my 1st dirt bike! Yep, have an older brother and we loved to play outside. Christmas morning (I was about 10) we walked in the den and there were 2 dirt bikes (motorcycles) in the house beside the tree! That was the best Christmas ever! I don;'t think I opend another gift (except for helmets and boots) and we rode those bikes all day long!

              Funny thing, when I was about 5, my brother told me truth about santa because he thought mom and dad were making a fool out of me (he wsa 8). So that Christmas, I doubtd his wisdom and thought there probably was a santa. Best Christmas ever!!!

              Isn't it funny what we, as adults, remember about our childhoods???


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                i was 14 and got a pink 8 track player complete with an abba tape.
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                  Well, it's not quite a Christmas memory but what always comes to mind when I'm hiding presents from my girls is knowing where my parents hid the christmas presents.
                  One year while they were out shopping, my brothers and I were looking to see what they had gotten us so far. One of my bro's was the watchdog and the minute he said "they're in the driveway" the rest of us scrambled to get everything put away and then act nonchalante when they came in the door.

                  Outside of that, I guess my favorite memory would be being at my grandparents house and smelling the turkey cooking, the rolls browning, impatiently waiting for the food to be done, and looking at the endless cabinets of salt & pepper shakers that my grandmother clollected. My parents split up a couple years later and my grandpa died between Thanksgiving and Christmas--he was the one who did all the cooking. Christmas memories were never the same after that.
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                    These are great!

           are great! It helps me know you all better. My mothers' parents always came just before Thanksgiving and stayed until after New Years. We lived in New Jersey when I was 4-6. The snow was so beautiful. I remember the smell of the real tree my daddy put up, and a plastic little tree with gum drops on it. I loved the clove purple ones, but never ate any. We have a picture of that Christmas morning, but I still remember the toys I got and everything I got in that stocking. I remember the magical feeling, the glow of the orange candle ( like candelabra) on the frosted window & sills. The music box that played Little Brown Jug. The little expansion double heart bracelet. My mother always had me sample the turkey dressing before she put it in the turkey. The fudge my G mother made on New Years eve when she took care of me and ,my parents went to a party. That little 45 record player and playing " those records" Gene Autrey over and over. The book I got T'was The Night Before Christmas and on the back it had a whistle stuck on it, I gues it was Santas. The cookies and milk and the sleigh bells that rang from the father was up there ringing.

                    What would I like this year? A time travel machine to go back and visit a few of those Christmas again.

                    Oh, and what is Christmas without hearing Bing Crosby and White Christmas. Later Nat King Cole. Later still.....Holly Jolly Christmas.


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                      My best memories of Christmas are from dancing. Growing up, I spent most of my time being (or trying to be a ballerina). I was a dancer in the local ballet company and every year we performed the Nutcracker. I started out as a little snowflake & flower and worked my way up to bigger parts. I never got to be the Sugar Plum Fairy ( due to the C cup bra I was wearing,,,lol) but I did get to be the Mouse King & the Arabian Dancer. I still watch the ballet every year,, can't have Christmas with out the Nutcracker,, and after all these years, I still love watching it.


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                        The year I got

                        a Thundershift 500 racetrack. The racetrack was my favorite gift (no batteries required!) and favorite memory is my dad sitting on the floor in the kitchen playing with it. He assembled it and claimed he had to make sure it work but I have a picture of him somewhere sitting on the floor playing with my racetrack with the phone on his shoulder cause he wouldn't leave it long enough to take the phone.


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                          When I started ready this the first one that popped into my head was when I got a white stuffed poodle. Can't even remember how old I was. I just sat with it, my chin on it's topknot (didn't know that it was called that way back then) and by that evening the topknot had a smunched in spot on it.

                          But one of my very favorites was after I was married. We had a little almost 3yr old boy. Hubby and I had bought all kinds of toys for him. Wayne kept telling us he wanted a red emergency truck. We just didn't pay attention to him. We had gotten a red peddle car that he would sit in, and lots of other toys but not what he was asking for. What does a 3 yr. old know anyway. Christmas eve I finally told hubby he better go to K-Mart and see if they had any of those trucks. That's all Wayne kept talking about, even though we showed him pictures of some of the other toys, didn't seem to care about them. Hubby found one, thank goodness. Christmas morning Wayne walked right past this big red peddle car looking for his little red emergency truck. When he found it he was the happiest little guy ever.
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                            Anyone born during the Eisenhower regime will of course remember the "Jonny Rebel Cannon"
                            The most wanted toy by any boy in America! I had one and miss it dearly!


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                              Thanks for letting me remember!!

                              We spent most Christmases at my grandmother's, with the inevitable "kid's table" for dinner. But a few years we went out in the country to my Uncle Bruce's house. They had a really big house on top of a hill - a great toboggan hill - and a 9-hole golf course in the "back yard". One year we played golf because there was no snow, another year we were snowed in for two days. I remember there being two foot tall "hats" on the roofs of the cars. There was a steep, winding road through trees to get to the house.

                              The house was wonderful. There was a moosehead on the wall at the front door. His name was Thidwick. They had many fireplaces (maybe 4 or 5?). The coolest long wooden staircase with a railing you could slide down when the adults weren't looking. We would spend hours tobogganing and building icy humps to shoot off of. There was a pond at the bottom of the hill and a really good run would be if you almost got in the pond. Good times!