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New way to get wet.

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  • New way to get wet.

    So today I had a sammy come in. Been ages since it had seen a groomer, packed coat, burrs..... You get the picture. And well I work in a coperate place for now so bad water pressure, hand scrubbing just to get enough shampoo and condtioner in to make a dfference.......

    Well I had the bright idea to HV the shampoo into the coat better pentration and all. Done it with condtioner before. Then I had the idea to grab the hose at the same time.

    HV + Water Hose= Power Washed dog and wet groomer

    It actually worked out great. So if you ever find your self with a hairy dog and bad water pressure don't dispair just add a velosity dryer to the mix. LOL Just be prepared to get a little wetter than normal.

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    Thats funny,, sounds like something I would do.


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      I have used this technique for years.. my biceps arent as large as they use to be but I'll take the trade off I just HV mysleelf when its all over with


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        very funny!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one whom does silly things. I remember when I first made my bathing beauty. Feeling all "cocky" cause I saved SO MUCH money making my own, I was dying to try it out. Well, having no idea how much pressure it would have, I turned it on without holding the hose, can just imagine the water that was


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          Very creative...and messy sounding! Glad you can laugh about it. NOTHING is guaranteed to get on my nerves MORE than bad water pressure. I worked in a place for 2 years that had crppy water pressure AND slow tub drain. Thought I was gonna lose my mind.

          If they are on community water...not much you can do, but if for some reason they have pressure tanks...get them to bleed the tanks and re-pressurize...they may just be water logged?
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            And no one took pictures! LOL
            "No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin


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              Well, all that counts is if you got results, right? Well, you got results! So it works!
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                Good idea

                I go in homes with various types of water pressure or not. That is why I was thrilled with using my Hanvey Bathing Beauty, no water pressure questions. I get inside the tightest coated Aussie or Newfie.

                I suppose what you pointed out is one of the benefits that those who HV shampooed dogs to loosen undercoat. Way down "scrubbed".
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  Originally posted by windywaycavaliers View Post
                  Well, all that counts is if you got results, right? Well, you got results! So it works!
                  Yup it worked. I actually REALLY liked the way he turned out. Very soft and fluffy and best of all clean. I'm just glad I'm not the first person to try somthing outside the box trying to do the best job possible. LOL

                  Yorkie gal your storie make me laugh I so have done similar things. Not with a bathing system but I grabed a hose once and turned it on and dident' realize it was pointed at my face insted of the dog. LOL