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  • Ever had one of those days...

    where you feel like you are grooming the same dog over and over?? Saturday, I groomed 3 black standard poodle females and 2 black toy poodle females all with #2 guard all over, leave pom poms on feet, poodle face and top knot tight. ALL 5!!! And all have different owners! By 2:00 I just really wanted a shih tzu or something to break up the same-old thing! I love grooming poodles, but I must tell my staff to spread the wealth!!!

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    I have dreams like that about Cockers.
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      Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
      I have dreams like that about Cockers.
      Hmm, sounds more like a nightmare to me...
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        i just call it terrier day,or pick breed..sigh. sad thing is I book the dogs!
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          Last year I had a similar day, but it was with Shih Tzus. Eight dogs on the books: 7 Shihs and one Mini Schnauzer. I kept singing "One of these things is not like the other". If memory serves, I only did different two styles on the all the Shihs.

          Thank goodness that day has not been repeated. I was SOOOOO worried I'd send a dog home with the wrong owner.
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            Noooo, but,

            I have days where I have all black dogs or all white ones. Recently, I had a cute 2nd groom Maltese female puppy and Saturday, the next day, a cute Male Maltese puppy. different homes and people. Both very good and very sweet. The male 5 mos was his first trim for him.


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              I used to have days where I was doing 10-12 Bichons! Talk about snowblind!
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                Breed Week

                The week of Thanksgiving was weird for me, that Monday I had 10 dogs, 5 were mini poodles, Tuesday I had 12 dogs, 5 were schnauzers & that Wed I had 6 dogs, 4 were Peks,,,, just can't wait till next week,,, know it's gonna be nuts,,,lol