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  • What are the odds??

    One of the dogs I am pet sitting for scraped the big pads that sit right where the front foot bends while we were playing ball in the field behind my house it bounced sideways and when he went to get it he slid on the pavement scraping both pads and making them bleed.

    Ughhh they have tan carpet so I left him at my house for a while after I cleaned him up to make sure they were alright and wouldn't continue to bleed. One of them looks sooo.... red

    Going to have to tell his parents when I call tonight, they are both Drs. so hope they are not too upset. I'm praying for a that's okay it's happened before answer.

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    Do you mean the pad at the wrist (a.k.a. the stopper pads)? I used to race and lure course my whippets and they always tore them when they were running, especially in the summer when there hadn't been any rain in a while and the ground was a hard as pavement. If the dog is doing a lot of stopping and/or turning, they tear or rub off pretty easily. When we were racing, we protected the pads by wrapping the wrist area with some vet wrap. I also had good results using Tomlyn's Protecta-pad (I'm not sure if they make it anymore) to condition the pads so they don't tear as much.


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      Yes the pad at the wrist. I forgot he had some skin issues also. Come to find out his feet are really dry and cracked from the recent snow, cold rain we walked in last night and salt on the road.

      I soaked them in warm water light foot soak for dogs and rubbed some skin works for dogs on them. They are looking a little better but he's still licking at them. I'm glad he let me touch his toes and pads.