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best shampoo for cocker crud????

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  • best shampoo for cocker crud????

    at least thats what i was told its called that icky stuff thats usually on the neck,and arm pits,i groom a cocker in full coat moms very picky but nice she brings in her own watered down shampoo,dont know what it is,she says her dog is sensitive to most shampoos,but her shampoo doesnt seem to clean the dog,ears still greasy,and that cocker crud is disgusting,can you guys recommend a shampoo,that will be safe enough to use on her dog,but will work good too,im thinking greimenator,but dont know if its good to use on dogs with sensitive skin
    thank you

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    I really like Nature's Choice aloe citru-mela. It powers through greasy ears and gross skin residue, but it's gentle on skin. Then I follow with either Nature's Specialties Dirty dog shampoo, which works great on most dogs, or I'll use biogroom so gentle as the 2nd shampoo if the dog has big allergy issues.


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      A lot of my clients bring in their own Selsun Blue which is what many vets tell them to use. It works pretty well. Of course you have to rememeber this isn't a cure, but a temporary relief.

      My own Cocker has gotten cruddy since he is getting some age on him. I bath him 1x a week. I have been playing w/different shampoo's. What seems to work best for him is: first shampoo in dawn, second shampoo in Natures
      Choice Tar and Sulfer (which is a good exfoliating shampoo), then I let him soak for at least 10 minutes in a medicated. I have been alternating the medicated. Sometimes I use Top Performance Furst Aid, sometimes I use Selsun Blue, sometimes Chlorahexadine and sometimes I will use a mix of Chlorahexadine w/the others. It seems like the shampoo will help for a while and then he gets immune to it so I change it and it starts to help again for a while.

      Joe also has yeasty ears so I flush them w/Davis Boracedic and let that sit while he is soaking, then I flush w/Natures Choice ear wash which is soothing. I use a Vinegar rinse then a leave on Oatmeal rinse that I just lightly rinse off.

      Of course, w/clients dogs you don't have the luxuary of "experimenting" unless you get their permisssion and maybe even a vet okay, and you really shouldn't flush unless vet approved (Joe is).

      Sorry, all this typing and I really didn't help you at all. I just told you what I did for my own smelly and cruddy
      SheilaB from SC


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        I usually use Griminator on cockers


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          some cockers do have sensitive skin. les pooch makes a ral good hypo that cleans. you can talkl to the davis people about which medicated line might do well. if it weren't for the sensitive skin, i would use Les pooches F & T.
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            Les Poochs F & T
            don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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              We use the degreasing shampoo that comes in a jar (sorry I'm at home and can't remember what it's called). It's a paste that's blue and smells good, works very well on greasy coats and so far haven't had complaints of being to harsh. I think Top Performance makes it.


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                Les Poochs has an F&T Degreaser shampoo that is something like $55/gallon and I dilute it 8/1. You can use it full strength on cocker ears too. Dont go by prices on their website. Call their offices at 1-800-745-4512, ask for Marie she is very helpful. Its very safe and you can even use it on cats.


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                  At the suggestion of many on this board I always use Grimeinator on Cockers.

                  First, I use it straight out of the bottle and apply directly to ears and neck area.

                  Next, I mix up a bath with the Bathing Beauty and wash the dog as normal waiting till the end to do ears and neck with bathing beauty.

                  While shampoo soaks wash face with tearless shampoo and trim nails. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow up with lite conditioner and rinse again thouroughly.



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                    Les Poochs' F&T degreaser!!!


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                      Grimeinator is good for greasy, filthy coats, but if you're talking scales and skin crud you need a keratolytic shampoo, not just a degreaser.

                      I've used Grimeinator for several years, without anyone showing sensitivity to it. But that doesn't mean it can't happen. If you don't have a benzoyl peroxide shampoo or one containing salicylic acid, you can dissolve 10 aspirin in a cup of warm water and use it as a rinse after shampooing. Leave it on the coat for 10 minutes, then rinse.

                      The only reason I don't suggest adding the aspirin to the shampoo is because I wouldn't soak a dog with sensitive skin for 10 minutes. That's a sure fire way to get irritation.


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                        On the topic of good shampoo.....

                        Okay I use unconventional "shampoo" I offer normal dog shampoo for clients that want oatmeal or colour enchancing etc. But the majority of the grooms I use palmotive or a similar generic green brand. It is great on my hands and will get the dog squeaky clean even the dirtiest cocker. Here it costs about 8 dollars a gallon and has a great dilution rate. Normally I mix it to get a light green but if the dog is really dirty or has fleas I mix it stronger. It will kill fleas, youll see them dying. I got this great tip from a lady who has been grooming for over 40 years, she has never had a problem and neither have I in the past 2 years I have been using it. If you mix the palmolive and regular expensive pet shampoo it will degrease better and help your expensive shampoo to last longer.


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                          wow im overwhelmed by all your help,thanks guys,i really appreciate all your advice,i told the owner her watered down shampoo wasnt cutting the grease which makes it hard to groom the she said it was ok to use a shampoo on the dog as long as i followed up with her shampoo,so i will try your suggestions out,cant but les pooches right now,but its one of my dream shampoos once i can afford it
                          thanks again


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                            You also might want to try the IV san bernard clairfing shampoo (something about dead sea clay cant remember excatly), but it got my cocker squeaky clean.

                            Also I'v used Dawn on her ears and it did the job.
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                              Boxerfan Is it PurPet?

                              I used to use it and then didn't notice it in the catalogue and forgot about it. I like Griminator now.I am going to try the aspirin trick Hewlly suggested on Jax, dry oily, flaky skin. I may give him a Costco Omega 3 pill in his food too. Just don't want runny poops. Pure Pet is blue in a jar and in hot weather, gets thin and transparent. You older gals, remember Luster Creme shampoo for humans? It reminds me of it.I must have liked it, I bought it several times. Smells nice and the owneres were locasl in N. Calif. Have samoyeds. Spose to make 'em white.