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Cane Corso gives birth to 20 puppies.

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  • Cane Corso gives birth to 20 puppies.

    That's alot of puppies.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    A whole passel o' puppies! How cute is that? I wonder, are corso's born without tails or have the pups tails already been docked?
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      Oh, wow that's a huge amount of pups!! And then to have to hand feed them every 3hrs, what a job!!! They look nice and plump!!


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        Wow, poor worn out momma, she didn't even left her head for the camera! Well, at least the owner looks like she has some kinda clue, whelping box w/ side rails and helping to hand feed.
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          woah thats crazy!


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            How much do Cane Corso pups sell for? I'm trying to figure out how much she will gross.
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              I just read that story in our local paper - she lives about 1/2 hours from me. I retrieved the below information from the Akron Beacon Journal, Friday December 11, 2009.

              The owner, Christy Six, has experience as a veterinary technician. Each pup weighed between 1/2 and 1 pound when born and have started showing weight gains. Six is a college student and hopes to go to vet school following graduation. She belongs to the Cane Corso Association of America and the Society in America for Cane Corso Italiano. The breed recently gained full recognition from the AKC. Six owns four adult Canes and shows them. She has been feeding the pups every two to three hours non-stop. She works at a PetSmart and her co-workers have been helping her take turns feeding the pups. Six said she is well-aware the over population of all dogs is a problem, but she believes its important to breed good dogs and not breed for profit. "There is no money in breeding dogs unless you are a puppy mill," she said.

              Six doesn't expect more than one or two of the pups to be show quality. The rest will be placed in loving homes as family pets. "This is not a dog for everybody. You need to do your research. They are going to do what they want to do without a bond and a lot of training," she said. She said she paid $2,400 for each of her Corsos. She expects to sell the male pups for $800 and the females for slightly more.

              Cane Corsos are also known as Italian Mastiffs. LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavs owns two Corsos.