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How to shrink a house

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  • How to shrink a house

    I have a three bedroom two bath, a two car garage converted into a family room and another two car garage that I use as my grooming shop. Sound like a big house right. Well throw in six dogs ranging from a Standard Poodle to a long haired Chihuahua and it starts to shrink in a hurry. Now three of them are ball chasing fools and one is a ball hog that tries to grab every ball the others drop. And gets upset because only one fits in his mouth at a time. All of them are scrambling for the ball at one time. I have had three balls going at one time. One down the hall, one going into the family room and the ball hog in his bed with his ball.
    I am dog setting the standard poodle and a little cocker spaniel and will be sending the poodle home tomorrow, and the cocker next week. Then it will be back to a manageable number, one ball fool and the ball hog.
    Hope that all have a good Christmas

    Take care ………..OLGA

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    I can relate. I have a 4 bedroom, two bath, large livingroom house. However when my dogs can't get enough outside time, they get rowdy in the house. That means the two terv.'s are wrestling or chasing one another because the other has the toy they want, the Boston Terrier is chasing after them with a toy in her mouth WANTING them to chase her. If she gets in the way of the female terv. they get into a tussle (terv. doesn't like the Boston) Then one of the cats will make the mistake of leaving the safety of the furniture. As soon as the cat's feet hit the floor he has three dogs in pursuit of him. Also now the Boston has lost her eyesight, so if you get in her path, she plows into your shin. I can't wait for non-muddy weather!
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT