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  • had to laugh

    I had a new client yesterday, she sent her boyfreind in with her king charles and he told they wanted a regular spanial clip. I told him we usally don't clip much on a KC so just what does he want done? He said shorten to ear up to the leathers, trim the feet short and the belly. So after he left the bather and I look at the dog saying no way does the woman owner want that done. I called her asking just want does she wanted done. She said a cocker clip with light triming of the ears and feet. I told what the boyfriend had said to do and we both laughed. She left me a 8 dollar tip. I think in general the the men just want the dog short, it's just a dog look, while women usally a plan on how they want the dog to look. So glad I called.

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    LOL my trainer told me to always check with the wife if the husband brings the dog in. She learned her lesson the hard way 13 years ago and said she will never make that mistake again! hehe


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      HeHe Soooo true! I never trust the boyfriend/hubby when they bring the puppy in and ask for a short trim. I always call up mom to confirm any changes to their normal groom.


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        I have a lovely lady that has her father drop of her dog for grooming. She had a "standing request" for the hairstyle she likes (short, low maintenance). The owner has told me several times that this is HER dog and her father is the chauffeur. Every time her father drops off the dog (Dad does not in the same house, by the way) he tells me how HE wants the dog to look. He's nice about it and understands when I tell him - Sorry, no can do! but he keeps trying. I do admire his persistence. He's such a gentleman.
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          When the male half of the couple brings the dog in and says "Aw just shave him." 4sibes words of wisdom keep ringing in my ears, "Gimme yer' wife/GF's phone number!"
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