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  • Really Bad Day

    Today has to be the worst day I have ever had grooming. Only had 4 dogs, 2 were bath 2 were haircuts. The 1st dog was little Yorkie, mostly behaved but was a wiggly butt. I was almost done with her, went to tip the ears and she jerked her head. I cut the ear leather & it bled like crazy. I freaked !! We applied pressure, but it just bled & bled. I decided this was not just a nick, so I loaded her up headed to the nearby vet & called mom. Mom met me at the vet, but by the time she got there it had stopped bleeding. We wait & wait,,, they were nice enought to take us even tho they weren't her regular vet. I had already told mom I was paying the vet. She wasn't upset with me and said it wasn;t that bad, lets just ask for cheap & quick treatment. They pulled off the tag of skin and & covered it with quick stop???? Geeze,,, The bill was only $42, so I should be thankfull it wasn;t bad. But, I was under the impression you don't put quick stop on a wound. Oh well. Get back to work to groom yet another yorkie, who humped my arm the whole time I was trying to groom him, humped, clawed scratched and peed on my table. Every time I would take my hand off of him he would start spinning. My boss said they have told the owner numerous time to GET THE DOG FIXED!!!!! My other haircut was a pretty 9 mos old while & tan cocker would have been staying with the ex husband and living under his car. Her head was full of motor oil, she had never had a hair cut before, was totally freaking out at the clippers. Her collar was too small and had started to cut into her neck. She kept reaching up and grabbing me around the neck as to say, hold me, I'm scared. Took forever, had to get help holding her. I felt so bad for this pup, thought maybe she had picked up on issuses at home because of a divorce. Found out from the mom she was sent to the ex's house because she was tearing up stuff and peeing in the house, ex din't want her inside either!!!! Told the lady I would take her if they couldnt work things out, but I felt like yelling that she was only 9 mos old & was a puppy and it was up to them to teach her. I hated to let her walk out the door with that sweet dog!!! I love grooming and always come home happy that I have had a great day doing what I love. Today I just want to scream!!! Just had to vent!!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

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    that is a bad day............

    wow, sorry to hear of your bad day. Poor lil pup!!!! Sorry, but I had to lol at the yorkie humping your arm............I have not experienced that as of yet. I hope tomorrow is better for you...........


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      Always always always put the edge of the ear you are trimming between your fingers so you can feel the edges and cut over your fingers, then you will never cut an ear again.


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        This is why I love working at a vets office. You get a little nick, the dr. takes care of it. Easy cheesy!!


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          Just think of how much better that little Cocker felt when you were done! That's what it's all about...them little doggies! I'm sure tomorrow will be better!