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Is it just the holidays that do this?

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  • Is it just the holidays that do this?

    I've had more than one person call for pricing and tell me I'm too expensive. Today a guy with 2 90 lb, I am the most expensive in the area, but there was no reason for the guy to lay into my receptionist and tell her he had no idea how we could possibly still be in business with prices like those.

    She told her she was sorry we couldn't help him and hung up. I just figure we aren't for everyone...ha ha.

    It doesn't bother me, but is it normal because people who don't get their dog groomed regularly come out during the holidays or what?? I like being expensive...I weed out a lot of the bad dogs who aren't taken care of. I get the dogs who the owners aren't worried about the price, but want someone they like who genuinely likes their dog taking care of their dog.

    Just wondering if others get this a lot during the holidays.

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    My experience has been that the cheaper the groom, the more you have to deal with nit-picking & complaining. So, I'm with you on the price thing. It's also a great way of weeding out the rude folks - stop them right there on the phone! Ha!

    I don't know if the holidays are bringing them out. I hope everyone else you deal with this holiday season is more pleasant !!


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      I've learned that people looking for a cheap groom are interested ONLY in the price. They are not the clients I'M looking for!! I have to find the ones who want quality over quantity since I'm mobile.
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        I just had a call from someone new whom says this.........."hi Vicki, you don't know me my name is........I have a doggie emergency..........yada yada..........." Of course she has an emergency because Christmas is coming and she has no grooming appointment for her dog!!! Sorry about your luck, my regular customers get priority here...........thanks for


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          Yup, holidays bring out the "loonies"....
          I had a semi-regular call and want her dog done today: no problem, we have a couple of "squish in" spots left BUT she started with the "well, I HAVE to pick her up at....."!! I said we'd do our best but with it being 2 weeks before the holiday, being busy, and a saturday I couldn't promise anything.
          Why oh why do we have to go through this every year at least once with somebody???
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            I think it is the holidays that cause this. People that don't generally want to pay to have their dogs groomed are forced to because people are comming for the holidays and they can't let their guests see that their dogis neglected. Moneys tight these days and they take it out on us. I haven't actually experienced this yet but I am thinking this is the cause. I am betting that the phones will ring off the hook this week with the crazy/cheapskate types. Bummer is that I still have spots available and would really prefer to have all 'regulars' before Christmas rather than new clients or OAY's.


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              Dina Perry gives out the best line for people who grouse about "the high price" of mobile grooming.

              "We're not for everyone!"

              I won't go out of my way to placate a customer I will probably never see again, or do an 'emergency' groom for someone who failed to plan.

              Thankfully, I am nearly booked completely for the next week and a half.
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                it's so depressing

                If only people would see the light...

                If people would stop spending a fortune on what I like to call "stuff" (things we don't really need, but think we need so we can be happy, but it never truly makes us happy, such as the latest trend in shoes, new silver computer monitors cause everyone else in the office has one, etc etc...) And stop buying gifts at christmas time because we feel we "have to" and start spending their money on things they actually need, and on helping others get the things they need... the world would be a much brighter place.

                I decided I wasn't spending a fortune on christmas this year, and no one is getting any "stuff" my neices and nephews got punch cards to the pool, and the grown ups get nothing. My kids get one present each and stocking. I donated to a few causes around town.

                I buy everything I can second hand, so it's cheaper and better for the environment, and I manage to have money for things like car maintenence, kid's college education funds, massage appointments to keep my back in line... etc.


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                  I think this year is tough on everyone but I have noticed more crabby , rude people lately too! I wouldn't worry about it, sounds like he was price shopping. I have a ton a once a year or twice a year people calling last minute to get in before christmas and usually get turned away since I start booking for christmas in October! As long as your busy enough , no worries! Don't let the bah humbugs get you down! You should tell people that you feel your services are worth what you charge based on your experience and quality of work!


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                    I had someone call, make an appointment, then ask the cost. When I quoted, she said her other place was 1/2 as much. I said, I'm sorry, I can't match that price...thanks for calling. And I'm NOT's a new owner of an old shop that is undercutting the rest of us. What can you do? Be cordial.


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                      Poodlestar: I totally agree. I grew up poor, we didn't have much. Sometimes I felt like I wanted all the stuff everyone else had. Now I know better. I refuse to go into debt over things that won't keep me warm, or fed, or a roof over my head. I am still not rich by any means, but I have enough. We will spend less than $200 on Christmas this year, that is for all family on both sides. I don't have kids, so that certainly does make it a little easier. I have also learned that 99% of the junk people give is not anything I want or need anyway. It either isn't my color, my style, my size, doesn't fit my decor, is a stupid trinket I will never used, etc. Sure it is fun to open presents, but not at the expense of me not being able to open my own business, retire at a decent age, or just even be able to afford the movies when I want.
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                        personaly, i would rather have slots not filled than deal with the non planners,price shoppers.
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                          I had a lady in last week with a pomeranian. When I told her the price, she was all huffy, that she doesn't even pay that in Philadelphia, but since I didn't budge the price she decided to bite the bullet and do it. When she picked her little dog up that had been thinning sheared over its entire coat so there were no scissor marks, she rebooked on the spot for 6 weeks out. I don't budge on price, and if they don't like it, they don't have to come here. I'm with you, Odette, I'd rather not have a client at all than have to take one that whines over the price and nit-picks me to distraction. Life is too short and there's just not enough tea and aromatherapy in the world to have to deal with them. Bah humbug.... and I'm with the rest of you guys, you who don't spend money you don't have on things they don't want or need anyway. I'd rather spend something more precious- my time. The **** they get from the mall isn't appreciated, but a hike in the woods, a picnic at the lake or showing them something neat (like technicolor Aunt Liz's dog day) is something that they'll remember for years to come. Happy holidays, ya'll!


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                            When someone says something like "you're the most expensive" my favorite response is "well somebody has to be".
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                              Originally posted by mylady View Post
                              When someone says something like "you're the most expensive" my favorite response is "well somebody has to be".
                              Oooo, I LIKE that!

                              Ever notice how this time of year it seems like everyone's lack of planning suddenly becomes your emergency?

                              Uh huh. Buh-bye, thanksfercallin!
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