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Does Your Business Slow in January?

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  • Does Your Business Slow in January?

    This is an approved message from Web Wise Web Designs, a sponsor of our board...and member "Web Designer".

    That pretty much happens to alot of grooming shops. The public will be experiencing a spending "hangover" from all the Christmas buying and will not be in the mood to spend extra at the first of the year. In addition, dog owners tend to allow their dog's hair to grow a bit more during the winter as opposed to summer. This all of course provides for a slow season for the industry. So what's a grooming shop/mobile groomer to do? You gotta advertise! Yep, while that can be an ugly word for some (too expensive, doesn't really work for my business), how else will new clients learn about you? You must expand your client base. One way that is very important (and the most inexpensive) is to have a website. Not just ANY website. But one that will bring customers to your front door. How? Through site optimization. By making sure your website is registered with local internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yellowpages, etc..) when a potential client searches the web for a local groomer, your business web page will come up. That's the first step. The second step is a professional website. Many websites simply look like they were done on a laptop on someone's kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon. While this might be cute for family and friends, it does not inspire confidence in a potential client. The ones that will be wanting to spend $$$ in your shop will more times than not, go with the business with the more professional design almost every time. Think about it. Do doctors, lawyers, retail, etc...have "do it yourself" sites? Of course not. Why should you? You have a business just like they do and customers that use the internet can tell by looking at a site which business is professional and which is not. While that impression may not be correct, it is regardless their impression. And first impressions DO matter. My wife is a longtime groomer and has a shop. So I know that groomers fight the "professional image" thing all the time. For some reason, the general public thinks what groomers do is easy and "not professional". We know better, and your website should drive that point home. Talk to me about the cost of putting a website together for you. It's cheaper than radio advertsing for one month and lasts a lot longer. It's a 24/7 billboard that is always working for you, telling people about you and what your business offers. Give it a try. January is coming! or 256-310-7254.
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