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I might have a poodle

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  • I might have a poodle

    Last Friday I groomed a new little poodle. Except for being super hyper I really liked him. He had great hair and was almost perfect for grooming. The owner mentioned that they might decide to place him since they are retiring and want to travel. I was really tempted to tell them to keep me in mind if they do. but managed to convince myself that 3 cresteds and a foster crested was plenty. Well, yesterday I got a call. It was the dogs mom asking me if I wanted a red poodle for Christmas. How weird is that?! I told her I would try him for the weekend to see how he does with my male because hes been an only dog his whole life. he is being dropped off this morning. I am excited and I hope it works out, hes almost exactly what I want, hes alittle bigger than an average mini, hes a pretty red, and has great hair. I will post pics when he gets here.

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    Yes, please let as know how it work out. I love large minis and will get one for competitions as soon as my hubby graduates from grad school.


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      [QUOTE=lexapurple;370824] I love large minis

      My first poodle was a large mini: they are the best of both worlds! Big enough to be sturdy, yet small enough that you don't spend all day grooming them.
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        So, how did it go?


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          Can we at least have a pic of this beauty? I love the reds, especially when they have a great coat!
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