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Is this a franchise, partnership or what?

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  • Is this a franchise, partnership or what?

    If I open a business and have friends from other parts of the US open the same kind of business in other states, using the same name and sharing and 800 number, is this considered a franchise or partnership or what?
    Are there legalities for or against it? I'm overseas and a couple of fellas here are interested in my venture into Mobile grooming. I'm already working on a name and have been working on a business plan. Even working on my truck design. Can't wait to get out of here and get started.

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    I think it can be whatever you designate it to be. Usually this is a good time to request the advice of a lawyer about it. But, before that, what is it you're looking to do? Do you want to own many places, in which case you totally own the businesses and reap all the benefits of such, but also the risks; or do you want a franchise, where you get a percentage of the businesses, and really not having any risks?

    Then there's the bit about the business name, who "owns" it? If you totally say that each friend is going to own the business but you all just share the business name, I'd be concerned that one of the businesses get a bad rap, and of course, customers are going to think that all the businesses with that name are owned by the same company, so bad critiques could spread to the other businesses (and you wouldn't have any control over it).

    Personally if it was me, I would either own the other businesses OR do a franchise agreement.