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    Do any of you that have home based grooming shops offer pickup and/or delivery services? What do you charge for these services?

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    To keep up with the cost of gas and wear and tear on your vehicle you would almost have to chare mobile prices lol
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      If you advertise you offer pick-up & delivery, yes I would charge for it. But I have 3 elderly women that don't drive and I pick up & delivery for and I don't charge for it. But they all live only afew blocks from my home.


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        If you offer pickup/delivery insurance, be sure to check with your insurance agent about coverage if you should happen to have an accident. And check to see if you need a chauffeur's license. If you have an employee who will be doing the driving, it's almost certain they will need a chauffeur's license.


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          I would check out the legalities for sure, but I did this when my clients preferred I not groom in THEIR home back when I first started out. I charged the same, because it was still a convenience for them, but more fuel for me!


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            I don't offer it but there have been a few times I have done it. The clients were elderly. One of them was a nice little lady and she always drove to my house (for at least 10 yrs). After her husband died it seemed like she couldn't find my place any longer. She would get so confused, I think she was in the early stages of Alhemziers (sp). The others were an elderly couple and there were a few times I pick up/drop off for them. Medical problems and what not. I never charged any extra, it wasn't that far.
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              You might also want to check with your state's licensing agency (for pet care businesses). Transporting animals is regulated by the USDA/APHIS and covered under the animal welfare act, so your states ag department would need to make a note on your license that you transport animals for profit.


              "(4) The Secretary shall also promulgate standards to govern the
              transportation in commerce, and the handling, care, and treatment in
              connection therewith, by intermediate handlers, air carriers, or other
              carriers, of animals consigned by any dealer, research facility,
              exhibitor, operator of an auction sale, or other person, or any
              department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States or of any
              State or local government, for transportation in commerce. ..."

              Hope it's ok to post this here.