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I Turned A White Schnauzer Into

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  • I Turned A White Schnauzer Into

    An Imposter. I gave him a Westie head. He had tassels on his cropped ears from going so long without a trim, He is very wiggly, but not mean. His fur is fine, so shaving was a must-do. But his head looks so much better full and not pinky from a 7F on his usual Schnauzer head. I hope his daddy likes it. The other two got regular Schn heads. One is black, the other salt and pepper. I tipped the tips of his ears and used an attachment comb and curved scissors on the beard. Sorry, No camera. He actually has a brown nose, not black.

    Has anyone else ever done this? I actually did two yesterday, and the hard one today, Max the white one. I had asked permission, and her husband said ok. As they had a Christmas card with a Westie on it and said it looked like Max. I got the idea to "Westieize" him.
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    I have...

    In fact, I groom a westie like a schnauzer. Mom and dad don't like the round face and love clean cheeks. I also groom several schnauzers with "teddybear faces and full ears." Especially females. I kinda' like it. It's a change, anyway!


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      I wish more people would go for unconventional cuts. Even simple little things that would look so much better on certain dogs. A dog today was clipped with a 7, and he had such thin hair it looked horrid. He had a full head, and so he looked all bobble headish. Really funny looking. Personally I wouldve left his body longer. Ok, so maybe not unconventional in general, but for this dog it wouldve been. YKWIM?


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        For years I groomed a roomate's Mini Schn. as a Micro-Bouvier. It was really cute on this guy and he had the perfect "pet store charcoal blue-grey" coat color to pull it off.
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          I didn't even have a magic wand!

          His legs are of course a give away. Normal long Schnauzer ones. I love to change out traditional grooms sometimes.